The Power of Affiliate Programs

Monetizing a blog is the first thing a blogger does usually. If the goal when starting a blog was to make money, then it’s all good. Except for one thing, and that is the monetizing methods. The first thing a regular blogger would do is install some Adsense code, and most people would stop there. Some would do the extra mile and install some in-text advertising. The mentality here is that these are the easiest ways to monetize a blog since all visitors need to do is click, but also, they don’t need to spend money for you to make money.

Some visitors WANT to spend money

A lot of bloggers don’t even think of doing some affiliate marketing on their blog. They can not possibly imagine visitors buying something of their site, unless they have hundreds of thousands of visitors to be able to convert some of them. This can not be further away from the truth.

It is true that traffic that comes from places such as other websites or blogs will rarely convert, and it is considered poor traffic in terms of affiliate marketing. But there is also the fact that almost every blog gets visitors from search engines, which is considered high quality traffic. Think about yourself, have you never searched something on Google or Yahoo for a product that you were interested in to get more information, and if you find something really good, you eventually buy it. Even 1 single visitor that comes from Google can convert into a sale if they are searching for relevant information. This can easily mean $20 or $30 or a lot more.

Affiliate marketing more profitable than contextual advertising

If you read enough information out there, on sites like John Chow or Steve Pavlina who post their earnings online, you can easily conclude that affiliate sales can easily increase your online income from 500%. Steve Pavlina said some while ago that he makes $40,000 a month from his blog, and Adsense accounts for around $10,000. Where do you think the rest of the money comes from?

It’s all proportional

Now you might say that these sites above receive unreal amounts of traffic, but the fact is that it’s all proportional. If you are getting low traffic from search engines, more often than not you are also getting low traffic overall. This means you are not making a lot of money from PPC advertising as well. It will simply take more time before you see your first sale. But this doesn’t mean PPC makes more money. It’s not because you made money with Adsense today and made no sale, that Adsense makes more money. It will just take more time to stabilize. If you make $3 with Adsense everyday, this means you traffic level isn’t that high and it might take 1-2 weeks before you make a sale; don’t run into conclusions and take off all ads after a couple days. Give the system some time to work. If you want to boost your incomes even higher, having your own product can make a serious difference too.

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