Try New Things

When was the last time you tried something new? Trying something new isn’t just for fun, although it could be. In this case, trying something new is to create more enjoyment and concentration at what you are already doing.

Body and brain are different

For those who work in offices or in front of computers, we all know that concentration diminishes overtime. You will never be as productive after working on something after 5 hours than right after you start. Most people would quickly say that it’s because you get tired. It makes some sense, the human body’s energy doesn’t increase overtime, unless you’re sleeping.

The problem in this case is that it is not your body, but your brain! Your brain does not have muscles, and therefore doesn’t get tired like your arm or legs gets tired. I would say you can work 5 hours straight on your computer and still be able to maintain 95% your effectiveness.

Break the routine

We lose effectiveness because we get bored. How many times were you at home, bored out of your mind, and at the same time feeling sleepy? Sleepiness is on many occasions associated with boredom. And this is why people lose effectiveness. No matter how fun something is, do it long enough and you’ll get bored. The best way to avoid it is to break the routine. If you are an affiliate marketer and are spending your whole days creating ads for your products, why not take an hour break every once and then to read completely new and distant fields. This will stimulate your brain and increase your curiosity, and might get you new business ideas you would have never thought of. The great thing about trying new things is that you don’t have to try 100 new things everyday. Once you find out what you want to try and find a way to incorporate it in your day, you are set for possibly years to come.

Diversify your day

Instead of working by groups of hours, you can rearrange your schedule to make your days more alive. You might have 2 activities, A and B. Instead of doing: A+A+A+A+A+B+B+B+B and finishing your day, you can interweave them by doing A+B+A+B+A+B+A+B+A. Your brain always needs a break, but that break doesn’t need to be a boring walk (unless you enjoy walks) or watching TV to just change your mind.

Those who never try anything new never get the special experiences life has to offer.


  1. Jennifer Lee says:

    mm… This is a pretty useful article. I will try and apply these break-down-the-routine methods to hopefully become more productive with less distractions.

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