Reaching Your Satisfaction

If you want to be successful, they say that you always have to reach higher and to not be average and life everyone else. It is true, you will not become a millionaire by having a job like everyone else. You need ambition, you need plans, and you need the heart to complete your projects and attain your dream life.

What is your dream life?

Is your dream life full of material objects that you always wanted? Is it a yard filled with all the latest exotic cars? Is your dream life a life where you no longer need to work?

Is your dream life a bank account filled with millions?

We all have something we strive for, a position where we feel like in paradise. But are you really sure that you’ll be satisfied when you will reach that position where you can do what you always wanted?

Happiness is more important than anything

There is a clear distinction you have to make here, and that is reaching your dream life and being happy. You would think that they go hand in hand; that the only reason that you are seeking the life of your dreams is to just be happier. We all agree that a life without happiness just isn’t a life worth living. Who wants to live in struggle and sadness? Most people think they will reach happiness through their dream life.

However, your dream life is nothing more than a point in your life than you want to reach. Most people think of their dream life as a life, and it’s wrong. And it’s wrong because of its original objective. 99% of the times, you dream life, if you ever reach it, will just be a short burst of happiness.

Most entrepreneurs want to become millionaires. After they reach that goal, they jump of joy and experience something few do in their life. But how long will that joy last? Like everything else, it’s momentarily. Soon after that, they want another million, and then another, then want to have a bigger company, etc…And until they reach their new goal, they won’t be satisfied.

The point here is that reaching a goal or reaching your supposed dream life won’t solve your main problem of happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. Some people don’t have much in their life, and still live happier and merrier than everyone else.

If your goal is to be happy by reaching new goals to attain your dream life, you better think twice about ever being happy in your life. A lot of people spend years working on something they think will give them lifelong happiness, only to find out a month later they are back where they started, sad and unsatisfied. Right now, at this moment, you can have all sorts of problems and everything might be going wrong in your life, but if you search deep enough, you can still be happy. Remember, it’s just a state of mind. You are the one who ultimately decides if you’re happy or not, not your goals and achievements.

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