What’s in Your Food?

When you go out and buy ready made food from the supermarket, all the nutritional information you want is right there on the back label. Everything from calories, to cholesterol and proteins and vitamins are written. The nutritional information is essential for those who want to eat healthy and know what’s in their food. I for one know that every time that I eat something, the first thing I look is the number of calories. It is very surprising sometimes when you eat a little piece of sweet and realize it has like 200 calories! It seemed for a second that I could finish the whole box myself.

But for those who cook food at home and have their own special recipes, do you know how many calories you are really eating? If you’re making a cake for example, do you know how much fat there really is or if the cholesterol or sugar level is too high?
It looks like someone recognized the problem and decided to make a nice little device that solves it. It’s called the Soehnle Diet Computer. This thing weighs everything even at the smallest sizes and displays everything like fat, protein and cholesterol.
If you’re a cooking fan who’s starting to get some extra pounds and wondering where they’re coming from, you should probably get one of these.


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