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Have You Thought Of Becoming a Publisher?

When it comes to Clickbank, you have 2 choices, either being an affiliate or a publisher. The vast majority of people who want to make money who go to Clickbank just decide to be an affiliate. After all, what’s easier than just looking through the products, choosing a product from Clickbank and getting an affiliate link? Making money being an affiliate is of course not as easy, it requires research, investing money, spending time advertising, and taking the risk that all your efforts bring you nothing in exchange. You can on the other side become a Clickbank publisher, meaning you will have a product to sell, and a product that hopefully will attract many affiliates. Creating a product is also a lot of work and like affiliates, you run the risk of not making much.

Which Route to Take?
When you decide which is the hardest way to make money on Clickbank, the hardest route to take is to take the time and money to create an interesting and very original product. This easily carries the greatest risk when you compare it to affiliates. When you are an affiliate, you can choose a product and start spending money on advertising in hopes of having positive returns; your advantage is that you can do little tests, like spending $20 or $100 on marketing to see if you made the right choice. If not, you can drop the product and try another one. Not a big deal.

Creating a desirable product is significantly more work than doing some research and just setting up a few advertising campaigns here and there. With that said, most people would choose being an affiliate at Clickbank, and that’s what they do. But if you ever want to make it big at Clickbank, nothing pays more than being a successful publisher. There are many successful affiliates out there making over $100,000/month, but these people constantly require to monitor their ads, bidding on keywords that increase overnight, spend insane amounts of money, rely on niches that fade out in matter of weeks, research forever to have inconclusive results and take really high risks bidding on the most expensive keywords.

By being a Publisher, all you need is one single product to make it big, one e-Book, one software, one great product and you can pass from making nothing at all to making 6 figures in a matter of months. The initial work can be a tedious and tiring, but the payoff is amazing. Even an average publisher can easily pull off $5000/month. There are some obvious drawbacks, like your product failing miserably, or not getting enough affiliates under you; but what’s stopping you from developing yet another product? And then another? Remember, you only need ONE. If you are a writer, you can try e-Books, if you are a great programmer, try software, if you have teaching skills, you can try video tutorial sets. What is also great with being a publisher is that after you set your base, it’s all passive income; all your affiliates are doing the work for you and you don’t need to spend a dime. After you analyze everything, it’s not hard to see which one really carries more risk.

For affiliates, making $100,000/month is outstanding and puts you with the best out there, but for a publisher you will find out that this kind of money is much much more accessible and not so rare.


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