How to Recognize Your Intuition

Knowing what your intuition is telling you is a valuable tool on the path of spiritual growth. In recognizing and following your intuition, you can be guided from your Spirit, your Higher Self rather than just your mind.

Your Higher Self sees the big picture of your life and can help you take the shortcuts and choose the best path for you which is a wonderful gift.

But it does take recognizing your intuition in order to be able to use it. Here is how to recognize your intuition:

On this Path, Fear is Not Always Intuition

On the path of manifesting your dream, when you are experiencing fear, it typically means that in that moment you can not see clearly. You are seeing through filters of the past that want to keep you safe, protected from any pain you had experienced in the past.

Fear is most often an illusion that holds you back, rather than an intuitive message telling you not to do something.

In my experience, fear is only showing you that you have reached the boundaries of your comfort zone. This is something to be celebrated as your dreams are always beyond your comfort zone.

Fear does not always have to be walked through, especially if it is a deep or intense fear. It is most often a better to heal it at its source. And in releasing the fear, you can more easily hear your true inner guidance.

Your Intuition is Positive and Encouraging

Your intuition is a positive, encouraging voice and would never motivate you out of fear. I guess in some cases a sinking negative feeling could be your intuition telling you something is wrong or that you need to take physical precaution for your own safety, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

We’re talking about wanting to create a life that reflects who you really are, that is a joyful experience for you to live and allows you to express who you really are and live abundantly.

And on this path, your intuition will speak in a quiet, positive, encouraging voice or nudge. It speaks softly, so you may have to listen closely to hear it.

Your Intuition Resonates Deep Within You

When you get an intuitive insight or message, you will feel it resonate within you. You are an intuitive person, which means you have the added gift of KNOWING what feels right, rather than needing it to be proved to you through logic.

If you see a book and suddenly feel an energy or a resonance within you, know that this is you feeling your intuition.

When this happens, see if you can find out what your intuition is guiding you to do. Perhaps it’s to open the book and get a message, perhaps it’s to buy the book as it has exactly what you need in it for your next step.

Your Intuition Is Easier to Recognize the More You Use It

Everyone is different and their intuition speaks to them in different ways. So the best way to find out how your intuition works for you is to use it! Test it out on smaller things like “Where should we go for dinner?” or “Which shirt will make me feel more energized today?”

By using it, you will begin to see the results of following your intuition and that is how it will strengthen. When you see where you are led when you follow your intuition and find it is to good results, you will begin to trust yourself and your intuition much more. This will allow it to develop even more!

Intuition is Not Always Black and White

Your intuition operates beyond the logical mind that always thinks in terms of either/or, yes/no. Your intuition recognizes the gray area. It knows that there are infinite choices and paths for you and that there is really no such thing as a wrong choice.

Your intuition is messages from your soul, which may see “both” instead of “A or B”. In this case, asking A or B is irrelevant. So rather than thinking of your intuition as something that will give you a concrete “Yes” or “No”, see it as more of a playful thing that can guide you in a more elusive way.

Release the need for the concrete and give yourself permission to be more playful with it!


  1. Hey I would like you to explain this: Is it God or just our true self?

  2. Dylan , intuition is like a txt message from God/Your Higher Self

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