Change Your Life: Right Now

The only thing constant in life is change. Every morning we wake up from bed, we aren’t the same individuals as we were yesterday. Innumerable dead cells in our body are replaced with the new ones everyday.

If looked at it biologically, we become new every now and then. In spite of all that, we sometimes resist changes in our daily life. Change is just another reality of life. It is something that bridges the old with the new. The significant question is not that if things will change or not, it is whether they change for better or worse and how do we play our part in it.

Many individuals have to face the grim reality of being out of control with their lives. They believe that they’re puppets in the hands of circumstances, instead of being in control of the circumstances. It’s high time that you grab the drivers’ seat of your life and get behind the steering wheel to go where you always wanted to. Putting it correctly as the great Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be The Change That You Want To See”

The primary step on your journey towards change must be the setting of goals. You would never go on a holiday with your family without any preparations. You’d always plan ahead, select the destination, the accommodation, the sites that you may like to visit etc. etc. Changes can happen in the spur of a moment and if you are unprepared you might feel overwhelmed by them. Whenever you are face-to-face with changes, you must ask yourself the honest and important question, Did you achieve all that you have in a day’s time? You’ll discover it might have taken you days, weeks, months and years to be where you are. Yet, we all get immensely impatient when it comes to change. While it may seem encouraging to observe big positive changes happening in ones life, if we look closely, we all experience small positive changes too in our daily lives. It’s all in your mind.

Once you’ve settled on a goal in your life, unless you are blessed with some supernatural abilities, you’ll have to put in efforts to achieve that goal. This is not a passive activity, but very active in nature. The key to victory is persistence. You must take so many actions so regularly that they become a habit.

It may sometimes get difficult to face the fact that we’re the creators of our own situations. We might love to think that we’re the victims of situations and have no control over change, but such thoughts are fuelled by nothing but fear. The fears can range from the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of unknown and many others that may paralyze us significantly.

All this doesn’t mean that there is nothing that we can control. Very often, this is an excuse that is given for laziness, thinking that it is very hard to take action. Alternatively, it may also be too scary for an individual to change his/her present situation. One may also feel helpless in making choices and bringing about a change in ones life and circumstances. Life is all about making choices and you must remember, even laziness is a choice that you make.

Once you express your commitment for a goal, you’ll see all such excuses withering away in no time. Let’s take an example of an uneducated woman in an abusive marriage. She may feel helpless to get away as she’s dependent on her partner for her livelihood. She’ll always be afraid of speaking her mind and others will constantly take advantage of that fear. It can be a very precarious situation, however, when she makes a commitment to change her situation and exercise her rights, she may move out of such relationship successfully. Once she becomes self-dependent, she might even relent why hadn’t she acted earlier.

You must always remember that you’re empowered to alter your life. Change may appear difficult, but is certainly not impossible. Once you make up your mind and gather your will power, there is hardly anything that can hinder you from achieving abundant success.

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