How to Lose Substantial Subscribers From Your Email List

If you are a new at online marketing then read on. There are quite a few mistakes that someone can make that can turn off your customers. To convince a buyer isn’t as easy as simply informing them about products. Even if you have diamonds to sell at half-price, if you make mistakes in your email marketing, nobody would buy them and they’d simply unsubscribe from you. One of the most important assets any online business or marketer could possess is an email list of subscribers and you’d need to constantly build your list and keep holding onto your subscribers.

The following are 8 mistakes that you need to be wary of, the 8 definitive ‘Don’ts’ –

1. Do not promote poor quality products.

If you promote poor quality products, you’d definitely lose your subscribers. Now how would you know whether they are of poor quality or not? Well, you need to know. You need to examine the product and give an honest appraisal of the product. Trust is important, and you’d realize that a reliable recommendation from you would work wonders for profits. Don’t naturally presume that your subscribers are gullible, they know.

2. Do not bombard your subscribers with too many emails.

This would obviously annoy your customer and you need to control the urge to keep sending your subscribers too many offers. Don’t get too greedy, this is a mistake most online marketers make. You will lose a lot of subscribers and to make sure you don’t, you need to stick to a limit. Just send one or two emails a week. In the short run, it seems measly, but in the long run there’s a payoff.

3. Do not take too long between emails.

While the last point drove on too many emails, now don’t even take too long between emails. If you take too long between emails, your subscribers forget who you are, and believe you’re just another spammer. Find the right balance between mails. Don’t take weeks or months between each email.

4. Do not provide misleading subject lines.

Now, it can be tempting to use sensational subject lines to make sure your email is opened. But if it isn’t appropriate to your email, you will lose your subscribers. You need to be imaginative and test different headlines but make sure you also remain sincere. Nobody likes liars or people who exaggerate.

5. Do not go off-topic and become too broad.

Once you have perfected your subject line, make sure your content in the email sticks to it. Your subscriber opened your email because of the subject line and is only interested to learn about that. Don’t start endorsing other products in a wider niche, as your subscribers will soon lose interest.

6. Do not provide boring emails.

Don’t keep mailing the same old dull stuff week after week, as your subscribers will simply lose interest with what you have to offer. So be imaginative and apply new modes of thinking for new ideas. Yes, a cliché is a cliché because it is true, and variety is the spice of life.

7. Do not provide emails that lack the personal touch.

It has shown that marketers who apply first-name greetings into their emails have found a method that greatly enhances their chances of a sale. You can even just talk about yourself a little and your subscribers would feel more comfortable. Remember, they don’t want to just be dealing with a machine, but an honest voice.

8. Do not provide too many sales pitches instead of enough content.

Subscribers don’t sign up to newsletters simply to be bombarded with sales pitches. You need to provide to their needs with plenty of free and valuable content. Try answering their questions and provide good content. Build up a good-healthy relationship with your list, and you’d realize that you’re working wonders.

Now, the above were just a few pointers that you need to take into account for a successful run in email marketing. There’s still a lot that you would have to learn but that’s all during the process. But even with this, you can easily sustain a long-term highly receptive and lucrative list of subscribers.

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