Get the Most From Email Marketing

Like blogging, there is no money in short term email marketing. There are many advantages in email marketing such as the ability to disseminate information to a wider range of potential customers at a relatively low cost. But one has to use it efficiently in order to maximize success. And if you need a few tips, then read on!

Planning and Permission -The first thing you need to take into account is the planning and permission. What is it you really hope to get out of your campaign? Do you want to increase sales? And if you want to do that, you need to plan your strategies well. For instance: inform potential customers of special offers that are customized for their needs. And before you get to your potential customer, you need to comply with Data Protection legislation. This ensures that your marketing has permission and consent from the customer. And to build your database, you can collect email addresses from your customers.

Target audience -The next thing you can do is find your target audience, as this ensures that you can send the right information to the right people at the right time. You don’t want to be advertising car accessories to people who don’t own a car, or vacation plans to people who live where you want to send them. You need to know who your customer is, and what you can sell them.

Subject Line -Now, before you send out your email, you should know that there is an utmost importance placed on the subject line of your email. It should be professional, meaningful and brief. Without this, your customer may not even open your emails. Place emphasis to words like ‘free’ and use CAPS. Use an HTML design, as it would make your email seem more professional. If you don’t get this right, your email would end up as spam. It simply needs to be professional and brief.

Call to Action -Now, you should call to action, in every email you send out. You need to invite customers to be more interactive. Get them to purchase a discounted product online, download discount vouchers, or even agree to attend events. Make sure all the links to your website are properly updated and your customers would have no problem getting around. Allow customers to find out more about your website and your products. Monitor customer click-throughs so you can determine your campaign’s success.

Keep Records– You can also keep records as it will help you in the near future by knowing how many emails really worked, and what links really interested the customers. All this would help you plan your next campaign. And help you with another point, and that is to experiment with your Emails to know what works. Work on some split testing. Send emails with some slight variations to different kinds of customers. For instance, see what happens if you change the sender’s name from female to male, or with a different subject header.

Deliverability- Now, the last point that you really need to take into account in email marketing is the deliverability of the Email Service Provider. It is the main obstacle that you’d face as ISPs delete billions of emails each day and you need to make sure yours isn’t one of them. The chances are high and you should choose an Email Service Provider with good deliverability rates, otherwise everything you’ve done is rendered useless.

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