How To Use Clickbank To Locate Great Product Ideas

Are you selling a product over the Internet? If you believe that the sales and profits have not been promising enough, then don’t fret. You’re not alone. In fact, millions and millions of online marketers and merchants have spent big money just so they could test, create and then sell products yet to no financial gain. This is basically why numerous products – of good quality, nonetheless – never got around to seeing abundant sales and exposure.

What you really need to do is look at a certain list of products that you believe have been doing really well online and then study how you could replicate their success.

What you need to do first is list down the names of top products – say, around 5 of them – and then visit their respective websites.

As soon as you arrive at a certain product’s landing page, read the sales letter in its entirety. Take down notes. Figure out exactly what this particular merchant is offering. Is he offering a freebie like an ebook, for instance? What’s keeping you, as a reader, hooked to the sales page? Examine the page and take note of exactly what the merchant is offering and of which angle he or she is using to basically promote or highlight the benefits of the product. Also, take note of the headline used as well as the blurbs.

All of these will help you figure out what triggered you to like the product or made you hooked somehow.

After your analysis of all the top five products and websites, choose the one that compelled you the most. The information which you drafted as you examined the product as well as the page will help you craft a doable action plan for your own product and/or page.

Initially, what you could do is jot down on a sheet of paper or on a new .doc or .txt document the headline that you want to use. This headline will be for your own product. Make it as catchy and as attention grabbing as the one used in that page you analyzed.

Also, try to come up with similar offers such as freebies. If, for instance, that page offered a free ebook, you may want to offer one for your own product or page as well. If that page offered various bonuses, try to see if you could offer the same. If the page also welcomes email subscriptions, insert a feature in your own page that could also let you gather addresses for your mailing list.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. And if you’re not a Clickbank publisher yet, it might be time to think about it.

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