Leaving The Dream Stage

“Without dreams we are nothing” is an expression you probably heard. I heard it many times on television in many movies, I read it in many stories and also in many good business books. We should all have dreams in our life and most of us do. Dreams not only keep us alive, but also give us the energy to go through every day’s struggles in hopes of having a better future with financial freedom or whatever pleases you.

While we can be nothing without dreams, I will add one thing to that expression above, “Without achievements, dreams are nothing.” What do I mean by that? Simple, if you have dreams and don’t do anything to reach them, your dreams are nothing, and therefore you become nothing as well. The problem with the people who have dreams is that they don’t act on them. You may have a dream of opening a business one day and leaving your job, and maybe you think about this dream several times a week, and even several times a day, but are you truly working on it?

It’s called a dream for a good reason, the reason is that it is not easy. It doesn’t require work, it requires hard work. If you really want to achieve that dream, you will have to make it in your priority list in your life, not a side hobby that you will look at when you have time. It is this lack of urgency that causes many people to never reach their dreams, and keep wondering, “Why can’t I be happy?”, “Why can’t my dreams become reality too?” Think about it, it’s a dream because you see it as something far, something that will give you tremendous happiness in your life; shouldn’t you expect it to be hard? Good things don’t come easy in life.

Being Stuck
People are stuck between their current situation and their ideal situation. They work on it enough to know that it is possible, but not enough to achieve it. Many excuses come along like, “I don’t have the time (9 times out of 10)” or “This is not the right time, I’ll wait a little”. But one of the worse excuses are the kind of “Is it worth it?” or “It’s too risky for me.” These are the worse because now you convinced yourself that you won’t achieve it for good, but yet, for the remaining of your life, you will still keep thinking about that dream in hopes of getting to it one day. You are stuck into the wrong mentality, you are in a state where it will be impossible to achieve anything while wanting everything.

There is more than one way of reaching dreams, and there is only one way to finding these ways, and that is ambition and work. Wanting will never ever be enough, and convincing yourself that it’s not your fault will only set you back. You CAN get out of the dream stage, it all depends upon you and only you.

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