Getting Lower Home Insurance Costs

We should all have home insurance, but can we all afford it? The home insurance premiums can hit the roof and at the end you might wonder if it’s really worth it. But you still have to do it. There are no big hidden secrets that will get you cheaper insurance, but there are many methods you can use to significantly reduce it.

A lot of people overlook these methods, maybe because they think it can’t make much of a difference, or because they think it’s not worth it. If you want to get cheaper home insurance, you have to start somewhere, and remember, it all adds up! You will not be able to apply all of these depending on your situation, but anything is better than nothing. Just try it, you might be surprised with how much you save!

Shop and Buy Online. You will generally get better rates online. Some companies offers discounts, around 5-10% to their customers if they buy online. It is also a lot easier to compare different insurance companies to see what best suits your needs. Saving up to $1000 a year is not very difficult from changing companies.

Make some research about the area. Just like researching through history can help you’re your blog, researching the area you’re going to move in can save you money. Some areas are riskier than others. Some areas are riskier than others. The less you have chance of getting problems, the less the insurance company will charge you. Don’t think that you will have to move to a complete different city. A few miles can make a couple hundred dollars of difference.

Don’t get fooled by the offers. Like when you shop for electronics and the first thing the salesman offers you is the extended warranty (that comes in handy sometimes), you should analyze what you really need. A lot of insurance sellers will boost your expenses by offering you options after options and convince you needs some of it. The basics are often more than enough.

Stop smoking. Insurance companies consider smoking a higher risk of fire, and they might be right. Just how many smokers got their home on fire, I don’t know, but if you get lower premiums, why not. There goes an extra reason to get healthier.

Increase your security. Don’t go for the cheap locks. Install an alarm if you can. Add window locks. Add smoke detectors. Add fire alarms. The happier the insurance company is, the happier your wallet is, and the happier you areJ

Ask questions. This is not a way to directly save money, but can save you thousands. Often when customers are in doubt, they just assume what they need is covered. Needless to say they get surprised when they get a call from the insurance company saying it wasn’t covered. Even if you aren’t in doubt, ask as many questions as possible to make sure you are covering all eventualities. Don’t forget to also ask for discounts. Some people like single parents can get discounts.

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