Research Thoroughly Through History

We’ve all been a beginner at some point or another. Even the expert who knows everything talking to a newbie has been a total newbie once. And the sad part is some experts know exactly how newbies are feeling, and yet make fun of them, especially when they were in their shoes not so long ago. The thing is, if you are a newbie, before asking anything to anyone, you should do your homework. Your homework is to research history by yourself and discover all the aspects of your field, and you will along the way find your answers.

Looking for specifics is just wrong
The amount of knowledge your will gain through researching history is incomparable to anything else you can possibly do. When you are a newbie, you have specific questions, and you want the answers immediately, or else you feel that you can’t advance and you are stuck. You think that it is these answers that will help you succeed and everything else is irrelevant. This is very true when it comes to a new blogger. If you are a new blogger, you will want to know many things at once. How can I get more traffic? How can I advertise better? What plugins should I use? How can I make more money with Adsense? How often should I post? etc…

First of all, every single question that you have in mind, whatever they are, have been answered somewhere. There is therefore no point of going to blogs or forums and asking these questions. Think about it, are you the only one who wants more traffic or make more money, or are confused when you’re beginning blogging? Of course not, so don’t you think many people before you have already asked these questions and other people answered? But even then, you should not go out and look for these answers. Why? Because they are too specific and won’t lead you very far. What you want to do get a deeper understanding of the world you are in.

The only way you will get that deeper understanding is by researching history and reading as much as you can. Reading every possible story that you come across will help analyze the different outcomes that might come in your path. Reading the different experiences of other bloggers and what they did and what they had to go through is more important than little specific questions about traffic or money. For example, if you look at how to get traffic, you might go and find around 10 or 20 different techniques like articles submission, link directories, SEO, etc… then you would start spending hours applying these techniques and find out after a little while that you aren’t getting the traffic you want. On the other hand, if you go and research history like you are supposed to, you might find that there were many people before you who were blogging on the same niche as you were and failed too, and all came to the conclusion that the niche was too small. Then you would start getting an understanding onto what you can really blog about and what you can’t. So instead of blaming the traffic techniques saying they don’t work like you would have done originally, you now understand the real problem, and that those techniques actually work. Besides, on your way of researching history, you will inevitably find articles that discuss traffic or money making techniques anyways, so you are achieving multiple results at once, namely and most importantly, understanding.

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