Winning Clickbank Products Are Yours For The Taking, Just Find Them!

As most online marketers now know, Clickbank has loads and loads of products, both good and bad. If you stumble upon a lousy Clickbank product, chances are you will also have a very lousy sale. This is, of course, notwithstanding the possibility that you could still sell a poor product but one that has a pretty brilliant sales script. You might think that you already got a deal but just wait until your customers receive the products and they will, most probably, ask for refunds or returns. Not only that, your reputation as an online marketer will also be tainted. Hence, there really isn’t an excuse for you not to get a quality product. Not only will this mean good profit, this will also mean brownie points for you as an online marketer.

One crucial task that an affiliate marketer should always remember is to constantly look for products that are hot, new and definitely in demand. Naturally, this task isn’t an easy one. This is because the experienced gurus already have the head start and are already hooked on to something new and promising. This is a frustrating fact, of course, especially when you’ve done everything from research to initial tests, and only to find out that the “gods” have already gotten their hands on the product. Also, there may be the possibility that marketers who employ Google Adwords have already started on heavy promotions and the like. This would mean that the competition has truly gone fierce and those associates who have already gotten their hands on the product stand the better, bigger chance to earn more profits.

A big number of associates depend on Clickbank whenever they feel the need to search for winning, promising products. It’s a task that could involve lots of hours and even days but if you’re really set on finding the best, successful product, it’s something that you need to invest your time and energy on.

However, how exactly do you find that “winner” among all of the products that appear in Clickbank week after week? How do you choose the best product to promote?

Consider the following as gauges:

1. Examine the product’s overall rankings. Check whether or not the product is indeed performing very well in most, if not all, of the categories plus sub categories.

2. Check the product’s gravity. Does it have a below 10 gravity? Does it have a below 20 gravity? Note that if the product has gravity below 10, it is still an untried and untested one.

3. Check the sales page and see whether or not there is still a promising product available as an alternative.

4. Take note of whether or not the product has a unique purpose. Check whether or not it is something people in that certain product niche would also need eventually.

5. Check if the product is something that they would buy themselves. You may also want to do a quick background check about the product vendor – does it have a contact address? Does it have contact numbers available? Remember that prospective buyers may need to verify certain things about the product. Moreover, a gravity of between 10 and 70 would mean that the product is well on its way to the top.

6. Find products possibly owned by a fellow Clickbank member. You can do this by searching for a certain vendor’s ID and then checking whether or not his products have gained good ratings so far. This can help you figure out whether a certain vendor’s new product has the makings of success. You can also see if the majority of profits are from the vendor’s affiliates.

Finding a winning product is only half the battle. It’s like getting a car; without a good driver there’s not much it can do. Using PPC and optimizing your campaigns is a great start for Clickbank products.

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