Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

You can make profits in Pay Per Click Advertising two ways: by looking for new affiliate products to market on your advertising network, or by capitalizing on the existence of products that are already included in your advertising campaign.

To do the latter, you would do well to make the most of your current Pay Per Click Advertising campaign so that you can get the most profits out of your existing products that you can.

Here are some techniques that you may choose to employ to make your Pay Per Click Advertising campaign perform better and reap more profits for you.

Rely on the Split Testing Ads technique to Boost the Click-Through Ratio of your Campaign

Ads with satisfactory click-through rates are generally favored by big advertising networks. This means that if you find competing affiliates to be advertising the same product in the pay per click network you are part of, you should attempt to secure as much of the existing traffic as you can by improving the click-through ratio of your own ads. This way, your ads will be favored over those of the competition.

To enhance the click-through ratio of your ads, you can rely on split-testing of your own ads. This involves using two versions of your ad so you can determine the click-through rates of each version. You may then favor the better-performing ad, and eliminate the worse one. You can do this split-testing over and over until you come up with superlative ads that really click.

You may further improve on your campaign by examining the ads other affiliates come up with. This saves you much time and effort on ad research and testing. You could opt to monitor the competition for around two weeks to see if they change their approach every so often. To monitor the ads of your competitors, you may rely on competitor analysis tools, the AdSense Preview Tool from Google (available at no charge), or just search via Google.

Integrate more keywords so traffic volume jumps

Adding more keywords is a good way to make the most of the value of your Pay Per Click advertising campaign. There are software that are devoted to creating huge keyword lists, such as the free Good Keywords, or the Keyword Elite (for those who can afford it.)

However, people who rely on this technique need to be cautious about using keyword phrases which have a broad relationship to your own product. The total clicks and ad impressions may go up but sales and commission conversion rates may also fall as well. Rely on keyword phrases that will draw in targeted visitors who could buy your product in the end.

Try marketing an effective campaign in other countries

Perhaps your campaign proved successful in the original marketing territory which was the USA. Why not try advertising with the same campaign in other countries as well? For example, you could expand to countries in Europe, such as Ireland or Austria? Evaluate your product to see if people in other countries would accept it. Even countries in the Middle East or in East Asia might be persuaded to buy your product eventually.

To succeed using this method, you have to conduct independent testing of each market. This is helpful for monitoring the influx of your commissions.

Tap into other major advertising networks

Maybe you already have a product which converts well via the original pay per click advertising network you selected? You can then try to replicate the effectiveness of your campaign in other major advertising networks such as Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter, and Google AdWords. You may find that the effectiveness of your campaign will be mitigated by factors such as editorial policies, traffic quality, and visitor demographics of the other networks but it pays to be persistent anyway.

Relying on these four methods can greatly affect the profits you reap from your affiliate pay per click advertising campaign, to the point you may not need to hunt for new products anymore for quite some time.

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