Procrastination Can Also Turn Into Accomplishment

Productive procrastination sounds a bit odd. However, it may very well be possible. Here are several ways on how procrastination can basically turn into accomplishment:

Firstly, recognize and then eventually admit that when you keep on delaying things that must be done it is actually procrastination – take it or leave it.

Secondly, it may be helpful if you ask yourself this question “Will I ever do what I’ve just avoided doing?”

Thirdly, be constantly aware of the actual deadline that seems to be closer as each minute passes by.

Perhaps the only remaining part of this entire process that isn’t remotely fun and exciting is the honesty part – that is, if you enjoy misleading yourself.

What you basically need to do whenever you start a project and don’t feel like completing it right away, you should just immediately transfer your attention from something to “something else.” Interestingly, procrastination will prove to be beneficial in this scenario. Let’s draw up an example. For instance, you really need to work on Project A. However, procrastination set in. Hence, rather than you wasting time thinking of why you just couldn’t bring yourself to be productive, you could just shift your attention to Project B, Project C or even Project D. Eventually, procrastination will produce accomplishments.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you need to go to your office and prepare a report. However, you become lazy and you’d rather think of Friday night football with a good beer instead of the task on hand. Before you totally fall for this temptation, immediately shift your attention to another task – for instance, filing papers, cleaning up cabinets or checking emails. While you may have procrastinated on the report, you will be productive in terms of other errands or tasks.

One thing that you could probably ask yourself in order to “cure” your habit of procrastinating is why you find it difficult to do what you yourself know you must do. Figure out why you have the habit and what you could probably think of as motivation or inspiration for you not to fall into the procrastination trap.

In life, tasks, duties and routines are inevitable. You should really know how to deal with them. Procrastination is something you should handle – hence, it’s better to be a productive procrastinator than a procrastinator who doesn’t produce anything at all.

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