Too Much Success in Too Little Time

Most of the times in our careers, we’re persevering and hoping to be blessed with greater success. Many a times, we end up putting in great efforts with minimum or no returns. However, there are also times when our hard work brings the sweet taste of success, with a lot more following in terms of better relationships, recognition, job switchovers, new lucrative opportunities etc… When all that we only used to see in our dreams, becomes a stark reality, we can easily go off the balance.

While my good friend Jennifer calls it a healthy problem, it’s still something that needs tackling. When something starts coming to you in hoards, it can get very taxing on your mind, body, emotions and spirit. It becomes an altogether different and new type of problem you could only dream about during your days of struggle. It changes your perceptions and way of living completely.

The situation can be such that you feel like grabbing onto every opportunity that comes your way, despite knowing how taxing it will get, but blinded by the fear of loosing it all. Your newfound success will require you to alter your self-image, schedules and lifestyle to meet the responsibilities and demands that it’ll place on you. Your social circle might also get changed completely and you might see yourself in a novel avatar, interacting with people in a very different manner.

When too much arrives too quickly to you, the first task you must do is halt, pause and self-reflect. Step back and take your time in analyzing the whole situation. It might take a little valuable time, but it’s a necessary investment to regain your composure and clarity. It’s like getting a 10-minute notice to pack up your bags and fly to a foreign destination. If you pack haphazardly, you’ll have to bear great inconvenience upon reaching your destination. On the other hand, if you approach the situation systematically and pack in an organized manner, you are quite unlikely to land up into chaos and forget something. Similarly, if you go about packing moments into your life in a haphazard manner, you only end up creating chaos, instead of clarity and order.

When faced with myriad options, exercise your ability to make wise choices. If you’ve been starved of opportunities, you might be tempted to take up everything that falls into your platter. Bringing into light a travel metaphor, whenever my travels take me to a new destination, I feel like carrying back everything from there. However, if I do exactly that, I’ll end up running from one pillar to the other post and exhaust myself to bed. How I go about it instead is that I identify a few sites that appeal to me the most and try to pack in each one of them in my schedule. In that manner, I’m able to make the most out of my excursions and am not merely ticking away places from my list.

Similarly, when it comes to selecting opportunities that make themselves available to you, you must learn to prioritize your life’s needs, values and goals and then make a decision accordingly. If you set your priorities right and involve yourself in their regular assessment, you’ll be on a far better footing at times when you are required to make quick decisions. This way, you’ll have a much better idea about what to hold onto and what to let go. Making such decisions about letting a few opportunities pass may feel a little unpleasant in the beginning, but you’ll realize its efficacy in the longer run.

You must take extra-good care of yourself while undergoing such transitional phase in your life. You might be required to devote more hours to work and might have to draw out every ounce of your physical ability to get things done. Feeling stretched and exhausted both emotionally and mentally is a very obvious outcome. Ensure that you take ample rest and steal away time for relaxation. Though your newfound lifestyle is a lot of fun, you must give yourself enough breaks to recharge and recuperate.

You must work on an efficient support system that can handle your affairs efficiently while you’re away. Have a closely knit support group including your family, friends and maybe a life coach with whom you can share your trials and excitements and get suggestions about how to deal with the situations. Employ a special help that can take care of your daily tasks, making you free to concentrate your mind on new opportunities. Check with your family members in case one of them is willing to play such a role, else hire external professional help.

When great opportunities come your way, enjoy the fruits of your destiny. You must head right into the middle of the storm to gain your ground and perspective. When you do that, you’ll learn to move forward in a calm, composed and effective way. Make wise selections, have your plans prepared well in advance and then begin your voyage. Relish every moment of the journey and not just the destination. You deserve it and you have earned it!

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