Learning to Camp for the Beginners

If driving through a camping ground and witnessing several families having a great time, fills you up with thoughts like, “That looks like a wonderful family activity,” you are indeed correct! Camping is considered to be the most affordable, complete, enjoyable and bonding activity that a family can engage in together. On the other hand, if the sight of various camping equipments and skills involved left you thinking that it is beyond your reach, we beg to differ, you are absolutely wrong. It isn’t very difficult to learn camping and with little help and willingness, you too can be a party to all the fun and frolicking.

So how do you get started with this adventurous activity? It goes without saying that you’ll require some basic equipments and the skill to pitch up a camp. However, the learning curve involved in eating out in the open, sleeping in a tent and then driving around safely with all the equipments can be challenging and a lot of fun too. Many parents feel uncomfortable about the idea of buying loads of camping equipment to venture into this adventurous activity. Moreover, without good help at hand, one may even end up buying wrong equipments, only to spend more money later for the correct gear. Such type of mistakes can seriously dampen ones spirit and cause early death to the idea of camping.

The best way to get initiated into the camping activity is through someone who’s already good at it. If you start looking, you may easily find many seasoned camping families who’ll readily loan you their equipment for your first attempt. In case one of your own or your kids’ friends are experienced campers, they’ll readily tag along with you to help you around. Who minds a free camping experience or one with minimum expenses? They may also be able to assist you in borrowing camping equipments that can be used for some time, before you determine your likes and dislikes.

Another excellent way to start camping without incurring great cost is by enrolling into a camping organization. Your children must be definitely aware of the boy scouts and girl scouts groups that cultivate the camping habits besides general life skills among children. Almost all the scout troops possess comprehensive camping gear and their leaders are usually seasoned campers with a desire to teach.

Teaching new recruits about the finer details of camping is one of the main tasks of the scouts. It may be a great idea to tag along with one such scouts troop and learning the tricks from there. Such scouts troops also encourage parent involvement during excursions. This provides great opportunity to the parents to acquaint themselves with the art of camping. Who knows, the parents might develop such great liking for the activity that they turn into life long scouts! However, the picture is not all rosy throughout, there have been some ugly experiences too while camping.

After attaining some initial exposure to the camping activity, you’ll be required to consider the type of camping gear that you would like to invest in. Two-man tents are easily portable and affordable as well. However, if you plan to have your entire family out on the camping expedition, you may have to consider other options like bigger family tents with a tall roof and ample space to accommodate all. One must also look far at the time of making purchase for the camping gear. As your kids grow in age, they’d probably need more privacy in their camps and may require a separate camping tent altogether.

Another important matter that’ll require consideration is the water and electricity supply for your camp. Unless you are camping in the wild terrains, such facilities are normally provided within the camping grounds itself. A great number of starting campers like using hook ups for their water and electricity needs, however, please make it a point to carry enough water hoses and extension cords to make life easier while camping. You might also want to get something like a portable wind charger

Thought must also be given to the available space in your vehicle for your camping gear. Refrain from making impulsive camping gear purchases. You definitely wouldn’t want to spend extra money on hiring special vehicles to carry your camping gear. Learning to pack light and easy is an important skill that the campers learn throughout their camping life.

Don’t rush your learning process. Take your time in learning new things and tools that campers normally use. A great way to grow your camping gear is by purchasing at least one new camping item every season. This will give you ample time in getting comfortable with the equipments before taking on another one to learn.

Go slow about your ambitions regarding camping. Don’t rush into the depth of mountains if you are fairly new to this sport. It’s best to begin with one night camping outings closer to ones home. Your first camping expedition may even be in your backyard. Doing so will give you a good trial run and prepare you well for the actual experience. Start with one-night outs and slowly expand to 2-3 days, moving away from home in a gradual manner.

If you approach it systematically, you’ll discover that camping is an addiction that you’ll find difficult to leave. By following a gradual learning path, you can opt for daring camping adventures few years down the line. So, later when you have turned into a pro from an amateur, you’ll derive great satisfaction from looking back and reflecting that you so courageously too up something unknown and made it your strength. You will feel proud of your achievements and will have many stories to narrate to your grandchildren when you grow old!

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