Want New Relationships That Can Be Perfect?

Being in a new relationship can lead you into two different roads. One guides you to the “together-forever” road. And the other unfortunately heads down the “heart break boulevard”. Whichever highway you may be headed, make sure that won’t get hit badly. That is why checking road signs is a must! These things will definitely save your heart from further road kill. So check out these 3 tips that will surely make your new relationship get on the right track.

1. Draw the line

Your partner should know your future plans and what kind of relationship you want. Before getting into any relationship, you must bear in mind the things you wish to have. It is important that he/she knows your goals and intentions in a relationship. Discuss with your partner, that you want a relationship that is based on respect, love and affection. Be clear and specific with the things that you like. You need to act on it and choose what is convenient for both of you. Whatever you have decided and agreed on will determine the future you have with that person. If you disagree and fight over it, then chances are you are heading down the “heart break street”. If you are having a hard time resolving this issue, then this is the time to really think twice.

2. Don’t get too intimate

Intimacy has its own place and time; definitely not the place for new relationships. Being intimate is sharing your soul too easily with someone is not a good signal. You have to be consistent and be firm with your convictions. Taking time and enjoying each other’s company will make both of you stronger and not just base your relationship on a physical level of attraction. And besides getting intimate right away will only show your intentions in a relationship. Respect and love should be one of the main foundations of your relationship.

3. Think of your relationship as if it was your last

By doing this, your partner will feel that he/ she is important in your life. And as for you, treating them better is a must thing to do. You have to realize that by changing your mentality from a short term relationship to a long term can change your view and attitude towards your partner. Instead of looking around trying find someone better, make them feel as if she/ he is the most significant person in your life. This is actually a stumbling block in any relationship. Playing around should never be an option. If you want to have a successful relationship, one night stands should be crossed out on your list.

The best advice will always come from couples who are happily married and have survived the storms in their relationships. Getting a handy tip from them can give you guidelines on how to react on situations. Always remember that there is no such thing as perfect relationship. The only time you can say that a relationship is strong, is when you realize that both of you are not perfect and that you are willing to fill in the shortcomings of the other.

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