Stop Checking Your Statistics

Checking yours stats is something all bloggers do daily. Statistics are the measurement of your success; how many visitors did you receive, how much money did you make, how many RSS readers do you have, etc…Some bloggers however have developed this bad habit of checking their stats dozens of times everyday, and you might recognize yourself being one of those.

If you are new, you might be waiting for your first Adsense clicks, or your first affiliate sale, or maybe you’re checking your stats every 30 minutes to see if you’re getting new visitors.

You’re depressing yourself
Why would someone check their stats something like 20 times a day? You might be shocked by this number, but without knowing you’re maybe doing it too. There is only one reason why someone would check their stats this often, and that is because nothing is happening in your account. It is generally the beginners who check their stats so frequently and are desperate to see some action. First of all, if you didn’t get any clicks or visitors in the last hour, there is not a lot of chance that something big is going to happen in the next hour. All you’re doing is really just depressing yourself by looking at no result of your efforts. Besides, even if you did all of a sudden get some clicks in that hour or period by some luck, you will inevitably check your stats again later, and will be disappointed. When you’re new, not much is going to happen anyways so there is nothing unusual with that, but even with that, people are very disappointed when they see nothing, and it eventually leads them to giving up, especially after 1 or 2 weeks of inactivity.

Using logic to break the habit
How to break the habit? It’s easier said than done, but using logic works. Just think, “What difference will it make?” For example, let’s say you want to check your Adsense statistics now, before doing it, just ask yourself if it’s really going to change something that you receive no clicks or 100 clicks. Sure, you might be happy with one outcome over the other, but can’t you check it just at the end of the day and still get the same happiness? Will you change your blogging habits by what just happened 1 hour ago?

Another way is to think that you already know the answer, and most of the times, you really do! If your blog is new and you’re getting something like 100 visitors a day, we all know this isn’t enough to make money with PPC or enough to make affiliate sales, so if you already know the answer, why check? Why not spend your time building your blog to a level where you can make more money and know without checking your stats that you are indeed doing so.
Get used to think before checking your stats and ask yourself some really simple questions, and soon enough, you’ll easily break this dirty and useless habit, and be more productive.

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