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Taking The Right Decisions

Decisions are probably the most important thing in your life. Decisions are what shape our lives. The difference between a school drop out and a doctor is that one simply decided to quit, while the other one continued. It’s that simple. I’m not saying one is better than the other; in fact, many school drop outs become millionaire entrepreneurs. The fact is that one simple decision can entirely shape your life into one direction or another. Decisions are also what make the difference between fat people and fit people, between productive people and lazy people, and so on.

If decisions are so important, taking some time to reflect on knowing how to be able to take the best decisions can be really worthwhile. We take so many decisions every day that being a poor decision maker can seriously damage the quality of your life. Also, it is not because you are successful now that you definitely are a good decision maker; good decisions lead to a success, but the inverse is not true.

Opinions and Advices

This is one of the most important aspects of decision making, which deals with the others. No matter who we are, whether we are the richest person, the smartest person or the most skilled person, we all need opinions. No one has the absolute answer to anything, and we know we can all be wrong at any give time.

The problem when we ask something to someone is that far too many times we are in a vulnerable state. A lot of people, when taking other opinions, value the other ones more than ours. If you are wearing something that you think looks good, and you ask someone and that person tells you it’s ugly, you immediately think it’s ugly. But why? I could understand if you asked like 3 or 5 people and all of them told you the same thing, but in this scenario, it’s one against one, you thought it’s good, and he thought it’s ugly. Why are you giving more weight to the other opinion? You need to give each and every single opinion its right value, including yours.

The right people

When it comes to taking decisions, best friends are good, but smart friends are better. Do not mix emotions if you want the optimal decision. Your best friend might be the person who you talk to the most when it comes to business, but if he doesn’t know the first thing in investments, what’s the point in asking him what he thinks about this or that stock purchase?

Just remember, not every opinion is equal, not every opinion counts, and don’t be vulnerable when asking for advice.

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