SEO Is Complicated: True or False?

Warning! This post does not contain any specifics about SEO or any techniques.

Many have expressed their feedbacks about Search Engine Optimization and that they say it is complicated. They say that it’s something very difficult to learn and that it may even require you to study rocket science before you grasp the entire thought and mechanism of SEO.

However, is SEO really that complicated or not? Is this claim true or is it false?

As a user and advocate of SEO, I advance my own feedback which is: It is not true that SEO is complicated – not at all. Anyone who is computer literate can engage in it as easy as 123. Perhaps some will spend more time while others finish it fast but the work can be done.

Even though there are cheap advertising methods, SEO is a very interesting matter to study and employ. It advances the rankings of websites and of course it is synonym of money. The key idea about the myth of SEO being difficult is that it isn’t really the search engine optimization process that allows SEO work to be “difficult”, but really just the lack of access to good and useful information related to SEO and its aspects that make SEO appear to be much more difficult than it actually is.

On the other hand, SEO will not work just by simply adding a few meta tags. It may really take time but in all honesty, it does not require you to learn rocket science.

Indeed if the search engines are optimized by a diligent and wise user then it can earn him all the advantages for his website. This is a huge achievement considering the current competitive nature of business on the Internet as well as the money that can be earned from achieving good search engine rankings for a website.

So the question: Is SEO being complicated: True or False? I say both. I say true and false. True, because, indeed, it takes time to complete it; but false, because if the individual knows how to follow instructions then it is as easy as ABC.

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