Go an Extra Mile Using Adwords

If you are an online marketer and you avail of Google Adwords – ask yourself this question: are the click through rates generated through Google Adwords the ones you expected them to be? Are the rates promising enough? Or do you think there’s still so much to be attained and to be improved?

If you’re always checking on whether or not your campaigns have reached that ideal point, you must know that you really need not waste that much energy and time. This article will teach you the various tips and techniques on how you could really generate great results using Google Adwords.

The following are five methods that successful marketers use in order to perk up click through rates, visitor quality or both.

1. Get a domain name that bears the suffix of the country where you are at. For instance, if you’re in the United States, purchase a domain name that ends with .us. The reason for this is that if you’re an affiliate of a certain company and you own the corresponding suffix of a particular country, it will generate more money and click throughs especially if people want to consider ordering from an online store that has the proper suffix. There are a lot of buyers today that “play safe” so if you want to present yourself and your business as a formal enterprise, do it by purchasing a good and formal domain as well.

2. Be inspired with the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign. Write down a headline that somehow “copies” the tagline used in such a campaign. For instance, if you’re selling health products that could help ease muscle pains, you could probably promote a “Got Muscle Pains?” campaign. This is a good way to entice people’s attention and hopefully, their money as well.

3. Consider putting a certain keyword as a sub domain of that URL. For instance, if you think you’re doing pretty well selling Harry Potter books and your URL is qualitybooksareus.us, you could always direct your potential buyers to harrypotter.qualitybooksareus.us. Not only have you promoted your own URL, you have also promoted a pretty popular keyword such as Harry Potter. This would spell a good chance for click throughs as well.

4. Offer an online catalog. If you’re an affiliate of a certain company, for instance, instead of just offering the products of that company one by one, go an extra mile more and offer an online catalog for your customers. More often than not, buyers will appreciate this and will eventually order from you.

5. Consider using negative qualifiers. These can give you more sales instead of more mere onlookers of your ads. You can try placing the product price in your ad and while this may not entice many buyers, the negative qualifiers will help you in the sense that you need not shell out for far too many unsuccessful clicks.

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