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Advertising The Cheap Way!

Online advertising is the best and fastest way for anything to get instant recognition and visibility. There is just so much competition between all the players that the prices can be very high, and only very skilled advertisers can extract the full potential of these advertising programs.

So how does someone with a small budget give a shot at online advertising? There are obvious choices like PPC, PPM, banner ads, etc…But the best way to start is to simply choose a PPC program like Google Adwords or MSN Adcenter. But bidding on keywords can turn out to be extremely expensive; anyone can rack a bill of several hundreds of dollars a day. Everyone knows that certain keywords on Adwords can easily cost $10 and more, and that’s just for 1 click.

Quantity in mind
Yes, it is expensive to bid on keywords for the search content and everyone knows that. But what surprised me a few weeks ago is the amount of people who advertise online and who don’t know that with the very same program that they use, which is Adwords 99% of the time, they can get clicks for only 1 cent. Anyone who has an Adwords account, independently of who you are or what you advertise, can get 1 penny clicks from Adwords, and it doesn’t take more than 1 minute to set it up.

Granted, the quality of these clicks are nowhere near as good as those that cost $10, but at some point quantity can take over quality. Do you know that instead of paying $10 for 1 click on Adwords, you can get ONE THOUSAND clicks for the same price. Do you have more chance at converting 1 quality click or 1000 cheap clicks? All I know is that it’s worth to try it. For someone on a tight budget, you can easily get several hundreds clicks a day spread on several programs for just a couple dollars a day. What you need to know is that while you can get several $10 clicks a day, you will never get several thousands of $0.01 on Adwords.

But this is the cheapest form of advertising you will find online! What’s also great with this method is that you don’t really need to worry about click fraud. There will always be click fraud with PPC campaigns, but with $0.01 clicks, it will only cost you a couple pennies or dollars a day, compared to dozens or hundreds of dollars. There are however a lot of online advertisers that make hallucinating profits even with click frauds, but reaching that level of skill takes a lot of money and testing.

The only way to get $0.01 clicks is through the content network, there is no way you will get $0.01 clicks through the search network. Just login to your Adwords account, make a new campaign that is keyword-targeted, name your campaign and adgroups, chose your target customers, fill in everything on the next pages, chose your keywords, then when it comes to pricing, write 0.01, and that’s it!

You must know that if you only make one Adgroup and with just a few hundred keywords, it is unlikely that you get more than just a few clicks per day. The real way to make this work is to chose the largest related keyword list you can find in your niche, in the thousands, and also make multiple Adgroups and campaigns, and also multiple products in multiple niches, to have the most possible and cheap clicks. With some practice and patience, and some trial and error, money will come in effortlessly; you won’t believe it was actually possible and you didn’t do it.


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