Intelligence Not a Prerequisite For Wealth

This article is really going to reveal the surprising fact of its very own strange title that you don’t need to be smart in order to get rich. Of course smartness brings better pay to any individual than dumb ones. But being wealthy is completely different from good income. And it is not necessary that a wealthy person must be compulsorily smart and at the same time a person in financial crisis does not mean he lacks smartness. Surrounding situation along with family background also decides the position of an individual apart from his personal attitude and character.

Zagorsky, a research scientist of Ohio state university in his recent survey regarding this title has established many proven interesting facts after feedbacks from several Americans. One conclusion is that in a usual work situation it is your smartness and intelligence which takes you higher for promotions, compared to dull and inactive co workers. But what about other situations?

Intelligence and Outside Factors

In Zagorsky’s study the so called smart people have stated that they too have been caught by financial crisis in their lives. But the feed doesn’t support sufficient information for the reason behind this fact. It can be assumed that smart people too are equivalent to any human being, greedy at times and emotional in front of wealth and power, which lead to financial problems.

The study strongly indicates the result of people who are comparatively less smart and intelligent proved better on total wealth and well being acquired than that of really smart and eligible humans who had great analyzing capacity. These facts don’t come to say that in order to be wealthy it is not necessary to be smart or intelligent but there are many factors that you need to take into account. There are many classic books written with research methodology over the topic of very wealthy men. But it is possibly not that easy to collect your tool and instrument for becoming wealthy, as it is the fact that differs from person to person. Every individual has his own different map for success. The only difficulty is to sort it out exactly.

Human Psychology

The basic concept extracted from such studies is to ignore all that we don’t want to be and getting close with what we really want to be. It is human psychology that we always achieve what our brain can wish and believe is possible.

This principle has been thought through several organizations. But whatever we are made to study the implementation of things and hard work invested is totally in our own hands. The overall moral is that it is not only enough being smart but it is also imperative to use it in the right way with the right guidance and attitude.

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