Influence and the Psychology of Persuasion

If you have the skill of winning other people’s support and make them do what you want them to, then you definitely have influence. Creating an impact and inspiring people includes understanding how people feel. Here are some principles that can help you make a difference on other people’s lives.

Show Understanding and Concern

Be concerned and understanding on how people feel. Don’t demand appreciation and focus on what you want. Ideally people should base judgments, choices and responsibilities on sound reasoning and logic. But people tend to do otherwise. They respond based on social impact, personal preferences and how they feel about it. Trust and concern is their basis of confidence and cooperation of other people.

Find Mutual Ground and Listen

Be concerned on their needs, what their dreams and values are. But before you can do that, you should know their concerns and principles in life. Sympathize with what they are going through. Showing them and extending a hand to cooperate with you can help them reach their goal. Listening is the best way to understand how other people feel. With this, you can also find a common ground with them. Ask flexible questions that gives honest and careful answer. Read between the lines and understand what they mean. You should recognize their opinions and feelings without agreeing with them at all times.

Don’t Fight and Argue with People

People who love to argue keep watching on positions and protecting them. And the more you argue the harder they try to defy you. It doesn’t mean that when people stop arguing with us and feel good about it, that we have won the battle. Loosing an ally in winning an argument is a consequence we have to face. Always remember that the person that you may have verbally defeated can be the same person you would ask for help tomorrow.

Take Care and Be Concerned About the People You Want to Influence

If you value people’s dreams and needs, you have to be concerned with them and do your best to win them over. This attitude will reciprocate, as they will speak openly, listen to you conscientiously and converse without reservation. And eventually they will surely cooperate.

They Have To Be Convinced That Change Is Possible

We all have to change, even though we often try to deny it. Change is indeed inevitable. People tend to feel anxious and restless especially when they feel things aren’t going their way. They will try to keep doing what they want.  Convince people that change is possible by showing them the better ways or techniques. We have to give these people hope; that change is not just possible but it is also good.

Timing Is Essential for Requests

We all feel anxious and easily offended when we’re stressed out. In dealing cases like this, you have to comfort them, build their confidence in you and make them feel safe. This will secure them and assure you of their support. There is always a time for everything. And when you talk about asking for support, you have to be sensitive with other people’s feelings first.

Moments of encouragement, impact and inspiration to other people sometimes come when people are down and incapable. This is one opportunity to make a great impact on your circle of influence.

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