How To and How NOT To Make Sales

Sales and marketing tends to be the major and most vital part of any successful business. It can be any business from a distributor of a cosmetic company to a direct seller of household items or even an electronic or a home needs dealer. The ultimate aim of any business is to attract customers. But the state of a salesperson is that he has an instable field work. It is therefore very essential on his part to know not only how to make a sale but also how not to make a sale. He has his career in hand only until he is eligible enough to commit sales satisfactorily.

Dos and Don’ts

There are certain dos and don’ts that will be useful during sales transactions. Though salesmen are always at some place or another round the clock, it is very much essential for them to keep up timing. Punctuality always makes the customers feel them important and also create a good will towards the salesperson and his firm. This definitely shows all positive sign for a successful business deal.

Another important feature to keep in mind is not to get distracted while communicating with the client, especially receiving calls on your mobile. This would make the client feel that you treat them for granted. So it is always an indecent behavior to attend calls in between the ongoing business conversation; the best way to overcome such disturbance is to switch off one’s mobile or at least leave them on silent mode if you want to keep track of your missed calls which might even be from another big customer.

Losing potential customers

It is also important to keep in mind not to lose any potential customer who seems to be interested on your product. This situation got to be faced especially when you are in a crowd of people like a trade fair where you got to receive and interact with several clients, and during such situation it is very much necessary not to avoid anyone due to mere assumption that they possibly can’t be your potential customer. Assumption always makes one miss a generous sale regarding marketing. So never afford to miss a potential customer due to mere assumption and avoiding them.

Be Flexible With the Client

The most important aspect above all for a salesperson is to be flexible with the client and make them feel comfortable. Though it is a salesperson’s duty to explain what the client entirely requires, there are also clients who wish to provide their requirements. In such cases it is also his duty to listen to them calmly instead of interrupting in between. This would really make the client annoyed and feel that you are not bothered about his needs. Hence it is always a must to show you know them well even though you really don’t.


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