Help Others For Your Own Success

Success is achieved if you try to pass the same to others. Networking is all about helping your people to succeed. The key in achieving such is to provide training to your people.

Training your people is the key in helping them grow and get motivated in their work. Training is a continuing process. What you know and have learned before may no longer be applicable in today’s business environment. More so, even if you are an expert on doing something, you still need to hone your expertise and this is through training.

As business expands it is necessary that regular training sessions be provided. Make room for everyone in your business organization to be involved in attendance to the training. The following are points of discussion you may include in preparing for the training syllabus:

Focus on your downline

You believe that training will help your downline be motivated in their work. And that’s the reason why you are conducting training. You may start by asking your participants why they join your organization and extend your help towards how you could help them to succeed in their endeavors. Motivate them on achieving their goals and set a good example to them.

Set the goals

Teach your downline to set their goals. Encourage them to share their goals and lead the discussion on how these goals can be achieved. The goals should be tangible and can be measured, setting a target date on when it should be achieved.

Work Plan

As you have set the goals, you will have to assist your downline on the action plan to be taken on achieving their goals. At this point, your downline should be working as a team, working together to find the best way to achieve their individual goals.

Demonstrate on how to handle the product

It is not enough that you tell your downline on how to increase their sales volume but the way on how to increase it should be discussed during the training. You need to give ideas on how it should be done. Participate in learning, if you don’t know how it should be done. You may ask someone in your upline to share his or her expertise on the subject matter at hand.


Recruiting experiences of successes and failures should be shared during the training. This is important, as there may be attendees that feel that they have failed in this area and the others may find solutions to these failures. There may also be instances that the problem at hand is new to all and there is a need to brainstorm. Brainstorming is coming up of ideas to best answer the problem. When this is done, you try to develop with your downline synergism. In synergy, you don’t just have the number of attendees let you talk, but you try to let others share their ideas, perceptions, expound their thoughts and correct misperceptions, if any. Teach your downline to participate in finding solutions.

Set a good example

Make your downline aware of how the company’s product should be presented to the market. Remind them to carry out their tasks in a professional manner. Set a good example. Be a role model to your downline.

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