Draught Beer Dispenser

Beer is taken as a most trendy beverage all over the world. Though it was discovered thousands of years ago, Philips stood the first to discover a domestic device, which can bestow refreshing beer forever, well known as Draught Beer Dispenser. This device gives out refreshing and chilled serve of beer. It is available in three models the first and the crowned model called as “Wunderbar Cooler Professional “has a quick chilling compressor as the refrigerator, the second called as “Wunderbar Cooler Thermo” goes with thermoelectric Peltier system of cooling and the known as “Wunderbar Cooler Party” which sustains the chilled beers as cool for hours together without power supply and by just using basic batteries which proves perfect for party as the name suggests. Interbrew and Royal Philips Electronics have developed this amazing PerfectDraft with a amazing cooling system equipped with a beautiful outlet, handle, pump, and lightweight barrel which stands perfect for serving refreshing beer. The beer can be kept fresh and coooool in this dispenser for 4 weeks.


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