No money in Short Term Blogging

It seems that the craze lately in the blogosphere is that everyone wants to make money with blogging. However, not everyone wants to make money like Problogger as they realize that this level of success is extremely hard to reach. Making 5 figures monthly income is an ambitious goal and it’s a good thing bloggers understood this, as they would’ve been really disappointed to see that after all their hope, there is little left down the road.

Small Money doesn’t mean small work
Since making $10,000 monthly is out of the question, how about just half, $5,000 is also good. The only problem is that making $5,000 from a blog, or even $2000 or $3000 requires enormous amounts of work. If your blog is new, reaching that level of $2000 a month can easily take 1 year, and it can also never happen.

Some people can blog for 1 hour a day and pull of tons of cash, and others can work at it hours everyday and struggle to make pennies with adsense. The point is that even if you do want to make a little money from blogging, it is not proportional; you might still need to work hard and be very patient.

Long Term is the only option
There is good news though. After you did in fact achieve that level of monthly income you desire, chances are it’s there to stay. It is no surprise that CareerRamblings just sold for $20,000 for making $1800 a month. The buyers knew that the monthly income from this site would not be flying away tomorrow.

The only way to achieve this kind of goal is with long term planning. CareerRambling started in September of 2006 and with consistency, time and quality, achieved this level of success in 10 months. You can do it too! There’s nothing stopping. If you are patient enough to wait 6-24 months before seeing profits, you can succeed. The goal is not giving up 2-3 months right after you start.


  1. hello, Im xBrain.
    Personally agree with you.
    It’s a long term effort to bring this achievement.
    Plus, the problogger is a man with patient and dreams.

  2. Yea is a long term commitment which can be hard to achieve for many

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