Top 30 Most WASTED Domains!

Domains are very precious assets. So precious and so profitable that some players out there are pouring millions for just one domain name in order to make even more money out of it. These kinds of people understand the true value of online assets. They also understand that just having the domain is not enough and they have to invest and put work on it to make it profitable.

However there are other people who already possess these domains that can turn them very rich and don’t even know it. They either don’t understand the internet or think the most money they can make out of their 7 figure domains is parking them to make some dollars everyday.

What is considered a prime domain? A single word domain that is no longer than 7 or 8 characters and that represents something valuable in the world today or something commonly used, and that can easily be profitable with just enough imagination.

Here are the top 30 domains that are wasted to the purest form imaginable. PageRank and Alexa are also used in the analysis. It is true that neither of them really represent real traffic levels, but when the domains have both a PageRank of 0 and an Alexa of 5 million, we can safely say that their servers won’t crash anytime soon.

I’m sure a lot of these parked domains are making a lot of money just standing there, and their value will grow over the years as well, but the money they could possibly make if developed is incomparable. Here is the list in no specific order.

1) Cool.com
PageRank: Unranked
Alexa: Over 350,000
This domain is simply parked.

2) Hot.com
A single page with nothing on it except a lame colored logo. The sky is the limit for a domain like this.

3) Porn.com
PageRank: Unranked
Alexa: Unranked
This one is parked too but has a cool design. I’m guessing it’s making decent money, but no where near what a domain of this weight can bring in. Any regular developed porn site attached to this domain could make the profits hit the roof.

4) Sexy.com
After being presented with a warning page of enter or exit, the only thing you see next is a parked page.

5) Alien.com / 6) Ufo.com
These two can be put in the same category. With all the talk about aliens and ufo’s, these domains can be instant success.
Instead, Alien.com is a 404 page!!
And Ufo.com just a parked page.

7) Toy.com
PageRank: 0
Alexa: Over 3 million
An amazing 3 letter domain! Yet just another parked page.

8 ) Pal.com
Some sort of weird and unpopular search engine. Another great 3 letter domain put to waste.

9) Queen.com

10) Oral.com

11) Crazy.com
Parked. Could easily be used to feature all sorts of crazy videos or stories.

12) Pro.com
Wow! What can I say. A 403 forbidden! Some people would do anything just to have the word pro in front of another word in their domains, like proplayer or propoker…This person has the 3 letter by itself, and doing nothing!

13) Cash.com
PageRank: Unranked
Alexa: Over 2 million
Just parked.

14) Card.com
Parked for some credit cards. Could be used for a gambling site or a developed credit card site.

15) Super.com

16) Store.com
This thing could be something similar to eBay or Amazon, but it is just parked.

17) Cloth.com / 18) Clothing.com
Each of them could be the central location for anything related to clothing, but just parked.

19) Personal.com
A great domain for a dating site or personal resource information site, but parked.

20) Join.com

21) Fight.com
Alexa: Over 1 million
Anything about boxing and UFC and mixed martial arts can be discussed here and it would easily be the #1 reference on the subject.

22) Gamble.com
PageRank: 3
Alexa: Over 8 million

23) Home.com / 24) House.com
One of them parked, the other one slightly developed. In the mortgage world, these domains can make more profit than anything else.

25) Dance.com

26) Pay.com

27) Host.com
Parked. Can you find a better domain name for a hosting company?

28) Men.com
Alexa: Over 250,000
Acquired for 1.3 million dollar and seems fully developed. However, a domain like this carries so much power that it is ridiculous it is not more popular.

29) Plan.com
Alexa: Over 5 million

30) My.com
A 2 letter domain! Seems like an unsuccessful hosting company. This is the only 2 letter domain in this list, and man this is wasted.


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