Improved and Proficient Teams

The world today has become a global village. Cultural diversities which were earlier dividing this world are now the reason for the unity in diversity in the normal working environment. Today’s separate allocations are set to bring about this unity which is of great interest to present day organization.

What really matters

Many feel that cultural diversity can ruin a company’s progress. But in reality what matters most are the attitude, maturity and motivation of the team as a whole and not the cultural diversity itself. These diverse teams will start evolving once the problem solving situation arises which might reveal dominant and active personalities in the group which might show the way for other weaker members to settle down for core duties.

Although many teams operate harmoniously, some teams meet up with conflicts arising from the dominant members of the team who self appoint themselves as the leader. The problem aggravates when there exists more than one aggressive member.  This is where the role of a mediator can work wonders in bringing about a harmonious, constructive and stable working conditions suited to attain the common goal.


Every team has both hard workers and slackers who withdraw or fail to stand by their responsibilities. Their slow or faulty performance becomes evident. The problems faced by these people should be addressed sooner as it will start affecting their emotional balance when they are not included by the sub groups which are formed mainly as emotional support groups. This might lead to the member’s further withdrawal in order to avoid similar treatment.

The general behavior affect the individual and the situation and hence the team members should follow the imperative behavioral patterns like initiation, exchange of information,  clear cut objectives, conclusion and group agreement.

Uniting Personalities

The varied experience of the team members in working for the team building and strengthening process is as valuable as the success itself. In fact it is worth the hard work and effort on the part of all the members. One of the imperative lessons learnt during this process of team building and strengthening is decision making. However research shows that the difference in personalities is the main reason and root cause for many group conflicts. When one or more person dominates the team becomes divided and hence the performance is marred.

Highly stubborn and independent personalities might be the reason for conflicts but proper communication which is a vital element for the success of any team can really solve this issue. The team goals should be clear defined and most importantly accepted by all team members who should then decide to be an integral part of the team working towards a common goal.  

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