Your Thoughts Are What Build Your Life

We are all looking for solutions to our own personal problems and issues. The problem is we are looking too close to the picture, seeing nothing but vague images. The only thing that we need to do is move far so we can find the answer we are looking for. Sometimes by doing so, we get to appreciate and see the whole picture; seeing the flaws and areas that need to improve.

What we don’t know is that most of these problems are just inside our head. The way you think and what is constantly on your head determines positive and negative consequences that can affect your marriage, business, relationships and even your dealings and investments.

Exercise and balanced diet can get you in good shape. Eating the right food is beneficial to your body. Same goes with your mind. You have to free yourself from anything that defiles you, so you can think right, and decide well. Negative thoughts that condemn you will put your confidence down. This will gravely affect your life and hinder you from doing your job and exploring your potentials.

If you feel good about your self and those that surround you, then joy happiness, thankfulness, inner peace and serenity will be seen in you. If you are secured and don’t take offense seriously then forgiving others is so easy. Love should abound our hearts if we want these good things to flow in our lives.

But having bad thoughts and feelings tells us otherwise. This grants us to feel remorse, anger, pain, grudge, anxiety, sadness, jealousy and fear in our hearts that will soon corrupt our minds. We can control our thoughts. There is no one else who can do that but you. Yes, it is hard to actually try to control every thought that comes to our head. But you can start by practicing a thankful and grateful attitude right after you jump from bed. By applying this on your life daily, you will soon learn to appreciate the things and blessings that you have.

With discipline and consistency, your body is set to do impossible things. Medically our brain works precisely the same way with our body. With our emotions working hand in hand with determination, wining this battle is possible. Take time to master these steps. You can’t change overnight. And getting a hold of your feelings and thoughts will take time and perseverance. In due time, you will notice that change is slowly taking place.

Start your morning thinking of only good things because it will bring positive thoughts and emotions. Shove any bad thought that tries to defy your mind. This is a good exercise to instruct your “brain muscle” to respond and react appropriately.

By daily practicing these exercises you will see changes that will benefit you and those people around you. Giving up should never be an option. Remember that we are not perfect and we sometimes fail. But determination to do what is right and keeping yourself from anything that you know will defile you, is the key to maintain a healthy mind.

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