The Road To Happiness

No man is an island as they say. You alone cannot make your self happy. It does not matter whether you are well off or indigent. Being alone will make your life meaningless. Actually everyone has a job, and that is to satisfy the needs of other people by making them happy and building a relationship with them. You see, if you extend efforts to try and please other people, you will also feel contented. You can also get satisfaction by serving other people. Wealth and other material things can just satisfy you for a while. But true happiness brings joy, peace and contentment even if you have no lavish fortune to prove and show others.

Human beings long for companionship. Our nature is to look for relationships and simply enjoying other people’s company. We’re made to fill each other’s shortcomings because we are not made perfect. It doesn’t matter if you are rich and well-provided. You need other people to co exist and interact with.

Doing things all by yourself is impossible. Just imagine going to the mall and shop alone. Even if you think that it will satisfy you, you will forever need the sense of belongingness and comfort from other people. Success is futile if you don’t have anybody beside you to share it with. That is the reason why we communicate, interact and simply tell our friends and partners how we feel.

Looking for a romantic relationship may take a while. Spending time with them is a first step to get to know the person well. Others are reluctant in meeting new people because of fear of getting hurt. But getting wounded is inevitable. We get offended because we care for them. And if our needs were not met, we try to create a wall trying to shove people away from us. We have to bear in mind that these things and blessings in our life are meant to be shared with someone.

Here are some places where can you meet other people:

Workplace and traveling
Moving to new places and meeting other people from your work place is a great opportunity to make new friends. Socialize and meet new faces. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married; all of us have the need to interact with other people especially if your job requires you to.

Community and your kid’s school
Most adults find friends in their community or neighborhood. Others meet new ones while picking up their kids. So don’t be afraid to mingle.

We usually meet our friends at school. But somehow when we graduate we eventually loose contact with them. You have to maintain communication and get in touch with your old friends who know you very well.

You also have to be cautious in choosing your friends. It will take some time to really find a person that you can get along with and who really understands you well. Always remember that the person you will meet today might be same person who will bless you tomorrow.

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