Wary Of Blogging? Take Note Of The Following And Come Back Refreshed

Without meaning to sound negative, blogging also needs to be structured if one has to maintain its viability and sustainability:

1. Set up an RSS account.

Like anything that helps to systematize your work, set up an account. This reader account allows you to go on blogging without spending so much time going through all the details. This way you have some time to spare for the other facets of your lifestyle.

2. Organize and systematize.

Consider your personality as you organize and systematize. No one can tell you how to go about it. However, those who have gone through this can direct your attention to some things you can consider. Have a space for the things you must act on immediately; others can guide you to your business dealings and other data you alone can give weight as to impact and relevance to your blogging endeavor.

3. Do not blog right away; answer e-mails first.

You may decide to communicate with co-bloggers before you finally go on with the day’s blogging marathon. What is important is that you have set the tone of your task for the day.

4. Patronize your own blogs before you visit other sites.

The wonder of written word is precisely its words, mainly the points of view. Take comfort that you have contributed to this. So patronize your own blogs such that you comment on it yourself if you feel like it. Only then do you roam around blogosphere to read what others have done.

5. Plan, plan, plan what to post.

One need not be an expert to know for himself that planning is the key to one’s success whatever the task is. It goes without saying that it is good to spend more time with planning to come up with well thought of ideas and spend less time in posting it

6. Have a buzzer or alarm clock to stop you from spending more time than needed.

While it is good to write as much, there is a tendency to spend more time in one site than time allotted for it. To avoid this, have a buzzer or alarm clock to remind you when you overdo or overstay.

7. Zero in on what must be done.

Ultimately what matters is you get things done. Zero in on the most important down to what can wait.

The aforementioned are just a few of the hands-on experiences of a fellow blogger who learned from experience. Feel free to add or subtract as your experience may be different from mine. What matters is that after this break you go back to blogging refreshed!

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