Nethrone Gaming Station

If you are the one who is crazy about gaming stations then Nethrone is for your. Nethrone is a futuristic and sophisticated gaming and workstation.
Eran Baruhe designed Nethrone, the master who created this great gaming station. With Nethrone you can say goodbye to all your aches and pain that can come from sitting for long periods on time on a gaming station. This has an oval shaped design that offers many electronic structural adjustments to suit your body posture. You can adjust the angle in which you would like to sit or even change the height of chair to suit your needs, you can arrange the keyboard and monitor to be in the most comfortable place and you can even have a massage with settings for massage on the chair.
This is one great ergonomic device that can take care of all your gaming needs right from the screen, keyboard to the position you would like to be in comfortable position.

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