Transform Your Hidden Potential into Tangible Success

Are you aware of someone who has extraordinary talent? Perhaps that individual is a great musician, athlete or an artist. Maybe, he/she has a great knack for business, is excellent with numbers or has inexplicably good people management abilities. Even though many people are blessed with such rare abilities, they seldom use them to realize their full potential. In some cases, they do apply their abilities but are still unable to surpass a limiting level of accomplishments. Do you know anyone like that? Perhaps, that anyone is you yourself. All of us without exception have the potential to accomplish great things, however, on occasions the path to greatness seems so difficult that people give up even before taking the first step. We’ll share with you 5 significant steps you can take to give full play to your hidden potential. They are as follows:

Know your Destination

What would be your answer if someone asked about your financial plans and financial stability in the next 5 years? Your most probable answer would be like, “I’d like to be completely out of debt by that time or buy a bigger home.” Such kind of goals are great to hear, but how much of money can be considered enough money? Many people make so generic goals that they loose sight of the finer details. It’s almost like asking, “where are you going on vacations?” and getting to hear in reply, “To Florida, near the beach.” Upon getting such a reply, one would think where in Florida and exactly which beach? If the individual that was asked about vacations were seriously considering going to Florida, he/she must know exactly which place in Florida he/she is planning to visit, whether it is Key West, Miami, Daytona or someplace else. Once he/she is aware of the exact destination, it’ll become easier to reach there. The same holds true for ones goals. Once determined and penned down, they become easier to achieve.

Practice What You’re Good At

One of the most regular mistakes that people commit during their journey is of being unprepared for the opportunities that come their way. The reason for such inept preparation is their lack of enough practice of their strengths. To succeed in any field in life, one must be prepared for and be able to embrace success.

For Example, consider the case of the ex-NBA player Steve Kerr. It is known that he used to practice for hours and hours in a day merely shooting at the basket. The high point of his career came when during the 1997 championship match, Michael Jordan, his fellow teammate passed the ball to him and he could get the winning basket for his team. The few shots that he played in that game were backed by thousands of shoots that he practiced prior to the tournament. So, the argument goes, why is one required to shoot those 1000s of shots? Well, that’s the only way you’ll be able to shoot that winning one! One needs to prepare himself/herself for success and must not expect things to fall in his/her lap just by chance. Study regularly how others succeed in their daily life and try new things,  so that when your moment comes, you are all set to climb the podium.

Develop the Habit of Success

The distinguishing factor between the winners and losers lies mainly in their habits. Many people might take this aspect lightly, thinking that it’s too late for them to change their habits. However, the harsh reality is that their inability in finding success in various areas of their lives is mainly due to their stubbornness or negligence in changing their habits. Put yourself in the Managers shoes and decide whom would you pick between a lazy employee and an active professional? We’re sure that this won’t take much deliberation!

Bounce Back in No Time

Success is a long voyage and it is obvious that it’ll throw up various situations that will test your character. Some of these situations can be discouraging enough to get you thinking twice about resuming your journey. However, as someone aptly stated that when climbing a mountain and faced with adverse winds, moving onto a different place within oneself becomes far important than moving onto a different place on the mountain. Be prepared and bounce back whenever such situations try to bog you down. It’s been observed that the people who are passionate about their vision and goals, never get taken aback by the temporary storms in life. Be in the company of people with a positive outlook, hang onto motivational things and boost yourself with the regular study of success stories. The quicker and higher you bounce back, the sooner you’ll attain your goals.

Repeated Success

Accomplishments are great morale boosters to keep us going. However, once you’ve reached the top, the hardest task is staying put their for long. You’ll always have people in tow who are ever ready and prepared to replace you from the podium. However, important is not to feel jealous about the competition. Rather, you must realize that success, though if repeated sounds great, the idea of helping others achieve the same feats as your own is even greater. Bank on your experience and share it with the individuals who too want to make it big in your field. Sharing one’s knowledge, wisdom, vision and resources with other people harboring the same dreams can be an immensely satisfying and rewarding experience.

The potential is there within you. Nurture it, polish it and succeed.

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