The One Thing That Will Fail Your Blog

Blogging is challenge, and the competition is fierce. If you want to get noticed in the blogosphere, you will need to have really valuable content and know how to market your blog. However, before being able to achieve success, one needs to keep his head above water. This means one thing, success will not come overnight, and will take many months, so what will you do during that time? You need to survive! How can you make sure you will be able to survive in the blogging world before your blog becomes successful?

Keeping your blog alive

There are many people that will tell you what you must do to not ruin your blog. For example, they will tell you to not put too much advertising as that will distract too many visitors and will show you’re there for the money instead of the valuable content. Or they will tell you not to post content that doesn’t fit your subject, or to not write for the search engines and to concentrate and keep readers in mind, etc…

All this is very true and for a true successful blog, you will need to incorporate all that and a lot more. But these little tips aren’t going to help maintain your blog when business is slow. The one absolute thing that you have to keep an eye on is regular minimum posting frequency. This means that you need to have regularity and have minimum posts. Really, if there’s only one thing that you want to concentrate on, it’s that.

If you write a post once every week, unless your blog has outstanding content like Steve Pavlina, who constantly writes in the areas of 1000-3000 words, sometimes more, you will have a weak blog. The real minimum I would say is one post every 3-4 days, and that is low. You should aim to write one post every day or two. It is extremely hard to have a blog that will maintain and attract regular readership by posting 4 times a month. But even that isn’t as bad as irregularity; which is worse than everything else! There is nothing more disappointing as a reader that sees a new post on a blog every day, to see all of a sudden no posts for 4 days straight.

The reason it’s so bad is that you are destroying the reader’s expectation. Don’t give hope to someone when you can’t fulfill it. It is better to not have any expectation than to give expectation and giving up on the person. This might sound a little dramatic for something like blogging, but believe it or not, that’s how it works.

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