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What’s The Next Step?

When you start anything, it is always wise trying to see more than just 1 or 2 steps forward. While most people don’t think in advance at all and just thinking a few steps would give you an edge, it’s not enough. This is the problem most entrepreneurs have when they start their journey. Starting a business requires you trying to see the future constantly, not just at the beginning.

Planning as you go Along
Say your goal was to start a business that would bring you $3000 more in income every month. You were expecting to achieve that goal in 6 months. From month 1 you had everything in mind and you were focused. Now from month 1 to month 6, you are concentrating all your energy to reach your goal of $3000 of extra income. Every month you worked hard and when month 6 finally arrived, you reached your goal and made $3000 that month. It’s all great, but now what? You might think that you reached your business goal and you should be happy, and indeed you should be, but there’s just one little problem; like any entrepreneur, you will set yourself other goals now. But new goals take time to achieve, you know it since you just spent 6 months achieved that one business goal; you are now going to place a new goal a few months from now and restart the whole cycle.

The best entrepreneurs do not work with cycles. They make new plans as their current plan is moving onwards. This improves your productivity and success like nothing else and makes sure you are never out of ideas when your deadline arrives. When our entrepreneur above made his $3000 at month 6, he did not make it suddenly. He didn’t go from making $0 for 5 months straight to $3000. It was a smooth and continuous process. Therefore, there is no reason that his plan does not evolve as well. After seeing some results at just month 2 or 3, you can now start making new goals for month 7 or 8 already; you don’t need to wait. You will reach new goals one after the other one smoothly, you will reach new goals faster since you don’t need to restart everything every time you reach a goal, you won’t get caught by surprise when trying to reach your new goals, which happens often when you set long term goals, since you’ve been working on them for months. Planning as you go along can make you reach what you wanted 3 years from now in just 2 years or less, since you explore new opportunities and modify your original plans optimally with ongoing current events.

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