The Measure of Wealth in Your Business Venture

Big Palatial Homes. A Prodigal Existence. Fancy New Cars. You may not be materialistic per se, but it’s fairly easy to start dreaming about such possibilities and wondering, “What’s wrong in me? Am I not capable enough to deserve all that?”

It’s a trend nowadays to equate worldly charms with the spiritual inclinations. Materialistic instincts are often justified by reasoning that if one does great good, one is bound to be bestowed with abundant riches from the universe. However, if one leads a sulky and complaining existence, one gains nothing.

What’s your opinion? Is this true? If you think it’s not, Why don’t you have all that the high-flying upper-strata of society has? There is a great possibility of some amount of truth in what’s just been mentioned.

A Tale of 2 Clients

Client A: An accomplished individual from the sales and marketing field. He was the best in his business and yet, was constantly hounded by an inexplicable fear.

In spite of 6 figure dollar earnings, he yearned for more. He couldn’t be branded greedy, since he had a kind heart too. He was just afraid of loosing it all someday.

Upon some kind of introspection, he discovered that he was in fact carrying all such apprehensions from his childhood days. Once exposed to spiritual healing and love, he started seeing life in an altogether different light.

He found that his professional success was taking him away from his near ones. Once he chose family over profession, he felt loved and cared for.

Client 2: She was finding it hard to even make ends meet. Though her clients adored her, she barely had a few of them. Cash flows were diminishing and she was feeling burdened, burnt-out and fading.

Given a few shots of spiritualism, compassion, strength and self-reflection, she discovered that she was the creator of her own ordeals. She had blocked out both money and love as they had troubled her mind due to issues of intimacy. So, when she opened up to love, money also came and soon she was on her way towards financial stability.

What’s the reason behind unpredictability of money? Should I have less or more of it? Will you ever reach satisfaction?

One can discover love almost anywhere – in the starving ad poorest of environs to the classiest and wealthy of towns.

Our own mind due to varying circumstances blinds us to all the love around us. Moreover, abundant riches are more harmful than poverty in this regard. When there’s nothing to lose, the individual can more easily turn to the profound qualities like love and warmth.

This fact is even supported by the notion that it’s better to have physical poverty than ail from physical wealth. One of the backlashes of this opinion has been in the form of belief that being physically wealthy in a way is an indication of being spiritually advanced.

In fact neither holds true. The materialistic desires in the contemporary world in fact hold the seeds for spiritual advancement. Anything that exists in this world is capable of displaying characteristics of love and compassion. Having immense wealth doesn’t automatically means that you are spiritually enlightened, nor its absence indicates that you are spiritually inferior.

The idea is, if you can discover truly divine and platonic love in your heart, being able to accomplish that life state would indicate that you can give any saint a run for his money. And if you are able to pull it off, I am your buddy!

So, here’s a Sufi spiritual teaching: All and sundry in this world are the mirrors of the Divine. Money is in no way the absolute measure of life, it too in fact is a part of that mirror.

Your business may help you in earning your livelihood. But, if you are struggling with money, then regardless of how more or how less you may have of it, it’ll always appear short.

So, what’s getting reflected back to you? Read on.

Tips on Staring into the Money Mirror

Be Honest

Instead of getting pre-occupied with changing your financial situation, take a breath and look at it objectively. What’s happening? What’s your financial situation like? How much cash flow is coming in? How much of it is going out?

Even though it appears scary right now – it’s all right to feel scared in case you have lot of money in the bank or a huge credit card debt – take good time to observe clearly, how you feel about your monetary situation?

Frustrated? Angry? Helpless? Regretful? Visualize in your mind that how would you talk about the money, like you talk about a great friend of yours? How will you explain and put it in words?

Inquire about it

Whenever we find ourselves in unexpected situations, we become prone to pre-conceived notions about them. Thoughts like, “Everything Sucks” and “Something is missing here” surface very often. If we take a more objective view of the situation, we’ll find that there is no love lost still.

Try digging into your heart for a deeper truth. Give it time. In all likelihood, you won’t get the best answer in the first few attempts.

Refrain from asking yourself the ways to get money or why you don’t possess it in the first place. Such questions normally are imbued with unfair assumptions about the present situation and will hold you back from discovering the deeper meaning behind the situation.

It’ll be great to find a friend to discuss all this with. I’ve discovered in while doing the exercises related to the Heart of Money Transformation Journey that there are so many emotions that flurry up that one needs the company of a close aide to hold oneself. He/She may not say anything, but his/her presence itself must be re-assuring.

Be Prepared for Surprises

In the event that the eventual answer is something that you always knew, or if you are still bothered by some kind of resentment, then the answer has probably not come from your heart. Instead, it is your brain that is brewing up all the stories to keep you from the pain associated with the actual truth.

Show resoluteness and be prepared for the surprises. Keep bothering your heart with your wish to know the correct truth. Ask yourself, “What divine and monetary learning lies beneath this situation?”

The most appropriate answer will bring a sigh of relief and love to you, even though the situation may not have changed a bit.

Apply The Realization on the Business

With the newfound realization about the monetary situation, you must start working on your business with a fresh vigor. That in turn will take your business to great heights.

Having wealth or not is in no way a measure of an individuals’ spiritual state. Seeking love and peace in your present monetary circumstances will give rise to a newfound inspiration that you can employ to cultivate your business.

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