The Entrepreneur Life, Are You Ready?

Quitting your 9-5 job to finally be on your own is a great achievement. It’s what more and more people in the world are aiming for. The idea of being an entrepreneur is also what everyone is calling the smarter and better way of living. The entrepreneur life has a lot of known and popular advantages like more freedom and more financial benefits, but some are very quick at pointing the downsides, such as living a life that carries more risks.

When you think about changing the way of your life, such as being an entrepreneur, you think of all the happiness you are going to benefit from it, and all the great things that will happen to you. You know that eventually all the efforts that you are going to put will be rewarded. Most people are also starting to understand that when you start out as an entrepreneur, your goal is the long term, and starting a business requires a lot of work upfront and not much profit. So patience is a quality that will come in handy, or might even be essential to your success.

Can you keep it up?
Many people think that the hardest part is the beginning. It is a common thing to say that the hardest step is always the first. And they are right, after anyone starts getting used to something, the rest comes in easily. In your business journey, after you passed the first few months, or the first year, you should start getting a taste of what people are talking about when they state the freedom factor.

Unfortunately, when you are living an entrepreneur life, the first steps are not the hardest one, neither are the last steps nor the middle steps. When you are an entrepreneur, unless you just unleashed the greatest concept in a field or had the best idea and will instantly sell for millions, being an entrepreneur is hard from the beginning to the end. All the great success stories we hear about little start ups that make it big are real, but they are somewhat the exceptions. For a lot of people, it is a constant struggle of keeping up with the business, even if the profits are rolling. You need to constantly keep an eye on the competition, you must keep the business alive, you need to innovate, and even with all that, your business can fail after many years of success.

Many people make the mistake of starting their business, making it successful and think it will stay that way. The benefits of being an entrepreneur comes not only with the cost of upfront work and money, but also with the perpetual energy and thinking you will have to give to it, and the constant risk of everything falling apart. And it is in this state of mind that you have to think if you are truly ready to live an entrepreneur life.


  1. People definitely need a good business plan before even starting a company. So many companies fail because they don’t have one.

  2. Jun Loayza says:

    After I graduated from UCLA, I worked as a consultant in Dowtown LA for about 3 months. That’s when I realized that I am an entrepreneur at heart. I had started a couple of companies as an undergrad, so I knew that the E-life was the lifestyle for me.

    Because of the tough economic times, my team and I will be tested if we can “keep it up.” We have changed direction with the economy and switched to a more direct business model than before. We have to make money to survive, so hopefully we’ll be doing it in the coming months.

    Great post and I look forward to reading more.

    – Jun

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