Prospecting Always Pays Off At The End

Developing a system of prospecting is a difficult task. But if you are persistent from the start, you will eventually reap the rewards in the future.

At first, one would think that once you have practiced what you have to say and have made it a second nature to deliver it perfectly, everything will go smoothly. After all, you have a perfect system, right? But that is not always the case.

You have to schedule your day and set targets on how many calls you need to make at the end of the week. This will track your performance on that particular day. You need to stick to your schedule and be persistent with your goals. Of course, some will set an emergency appointment with you and some will not. There are times people will just call you out of the blue and set an appointment in the near future.

After some time, you start to realize that maybe your dreams of early retirement are no longer that easy to reach. You product is not as sellable as you want it to be—as you thought it would be. This is where disappointment sets in. You have not been successful.

Or have you?

After a few months, you look at the list of prospects you have written down. And you notice that the list is extensive! Because you have stuck with your targets, you have made a list of people who might not be interested in your product today but might be in the future. This is actually great news for your career. In your persistence, you have accumulated a record of potential new customers and people who you will try follow up again.

Since you have been very diligent in your follow up system—you know who to follow up at what time and when—you have an endless list of potential new customers who will give you considerable income.

Successful prospecting is really a simple process. It may be very tedious at first, but the rewards of sticking to your targets will soon yield big rewards. Come to think of it, just sticking with your targeted number of customers per week is an enormous success on your part already. Remember, very few salespeople start achieving their targets at the very first try. Most have to struggle with disappointments and a seemingly endless number of negative answers before achieving their first sale. Not to mention, the frustrations of convincing people how great your product is.

Just keep on sticking to your prospective targets and soon enough, your average number of new customers will increase. But you should take note that you cannot have a good average system unless you have lots of data to compare. So give it a few months before you start averaging your new customers. As they say, if there is no pain, definitely you won’t gain anything.

So be persistent. Be persistent right from the start. And you will reap the rewards in the future.

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