Even Bloggers Need Breaks But Remain Productive

Blogging, as many can attest, can become addictive – if not for many, for some. Writing can take a lot of energy and exhaust you, and to prevent it, here are some ways to take a break from blogging, and best of all, these breaks are productive. A lot of people might say that these aren’t really breaks, but it does pause the routine and keep you motivated.

Always update and upgrade the template.
Give a twist to your site’s template. Doing this will add more flavor and style to your site.

Constantly re-arrange the placement of the adverts.
Come up with new and various way to position your ads. Position them in places where they are sure to be readily spotted. Refashion the ads’ background and link color. Make those archaic advertisements more beckoning.

Assess your success.
Give importance to the feedbacks your site gets from readers and sponsors alike. Get a real photo of your site’s hike. Examine your status and then figure out exactly where your true patrons come from.

Develop an avatar in your own site.
With all the hustle and bustle of blogging, one thing you should know is that you may now develop an avatar right in your own site. Do a quick research on widgets – you’ll learn a whole lot!

Refer to the 100 “Gurus” once in a while.
Figure out what the top sites are up to. Scan through their donation styles, check the templates as well as the boasting numbers. There’s so much stuff still available to apprentices and so you can always come out with insights that these 100 have eluded to catch. Even the gurus have their waterloos.

Establish rapport with other blogs
Bloggers like it when other people take the time out and place comments on their blogs. Leaving comments on sites relevant to your subject of facility is truly a great idea, especially since relationships can become symbiotic. Have a healthy “working” relationships with fellow bloggers.

Surf around.
Surfing around other sites can become a vehicle to finding subjects you are interested to write about. Establish a list and call it your ‘To blog’ list. Complete some exploration on items that you will be blogging about. There is always something new to discover.

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