Make Good use of Feedbacks

Once your blog becomes enough popular so that you start getting comments, use them intelligently. Feedback are invaluable pieces of information. Have you ever wondered if your blog is good? If people are liking it? Why are you not getting more readers? What should you blog about?

Instead of just doing like everyone by reading the comments and either approving it or deleting it, take some time to reflect on it. If it’s a negative comment like “Damn, reading that was a waste of my time” or “Your blog is filled with too much ads” and instantly deleting it, don’t you think that there is a chance the reader might be right on something? Maybe he’s wrong and just trying to annoy you, but it doesn’t take hours to reflect on it.

They’re Free!!
I’m sure you do know that almost every big company out there is paying the big bucks to know what their customers think about them. They do surveys and are paying ridiculous amounts of money to survey companies so they can interview and ask questions to their customers to know if they are satisfied or not. And then they usually ask how they can improve and if they have suggestions. Doing this on a large scale not only takes money but an awful lot of time as well.

But with comments and feedbacks, you’re getting ALL of the advantages above for free and instantly! Most bloggers take their comments for granted, don’t. Sometimes just one comment can help you improve your blog greatly if you take your time and try to understand it.

Try to regroup all the same type of feedback together and see if something is coming out of it. Sometimes every piece individually don’t make much sense, but when put together gives you a much better insight. I’m sure at this point people will still not give too much care to feedbacks as they don’t see how these little offensive one liners can improve their adsense account, but those who understand will know that the success of a blog is not seen immediately and long term approach is necessary, and it is in this aspect that feedbacks shine.

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