Do You at LEAST Have The BASIC Skills of a Manager?

For top and middle levels of management, there are skills that a manager should possess in order to carry out its performance well to the company as well as to the work group. A well-rounded manager is capable of handling the job without pressure. A good manager is one with good integrity, work ethic and communicative with work group.
These three basic skill levels of a manager are

1) Technical skills. It is the knowledge of an ability to use the processes, practices, techniques, or tools of a specialty responsibility area. There is a need for a manager to be proficient especially within the area of his or her work responsibility. Employees do expect that a manager knows everything. Make employees feel that you know what is going on and that everything is under control. A good manager should let employees know that you are on top of the situation especially when work turns out bad. You have to build their confidence too in their work by being firm in handling situation. While some managers see themselves as knowing all the technical aspects of the job, those who have lossed their managerial position came to realize that there are far more technical and knowledgeable people of the job. Thus, a good manager should continue to educate oneself towards new processes and techniques to keep up with the new breed of potential managers. Attendance to seminars and continuous reading and research would gain you new knowledge in one’s craft.

2) Human Skill. It is the ability to interact with other persons successfully. Managing people is difficult. You deal with different personalities. A good manager must know how to communicate effectively with his or her co-workers. About 99% of all companies require this skill as a quality that a manager should possess, in as much as your daily undertaking would be on dealing with co-workers. You should be able to handle problems at hand and help your employees in coming up with solutions. A harmonious working relation with your employees yields a productive output. Do not take sides and try to be neutral all the time. Try to reach out with your fellow co-workers and entertain suggestions whenever possible.

3) Conceptual. It deals with ideas and abstract relationships. It is the mental ability to view the organization as a whole and to see how the parts of the organization relate to and depend on one another. A good manager should be innovative. New innovative ideas draw formulation of new strategies towards company’s success and making a difference in the market scene.

Planning, organizing, directing and controlling remains to be a function required for a manager. These functions work hand in hand with the three basic skill levels. The principles of management might be viewed as a separate skill levels or basic duties of a manager. Whichever it may be seen as, one should keep in mind that a good manager should possess all the basic skills and still be an asset to the company.

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