Arm Pillow

Arm pillow as the name suggests is a pillow, which is arm shaped pillow. This arm pillow is a product made for the people who enjoy resting on the arms of their buddies on their hands or on their chests. This model is fashioned by Japanese and is also called as Boyfriend Arm Pillow. This pillow is full of comfort being very puffy and soft. It is equipped with an alarm clock, which gives gentle movements waking you up without any croaky noise. Japanese are still trying to modify this item with the addition of a blanket for the cold nights. The manufacturers are Kameo. It is available only in few of the Japan markets and the manufacturers are planning to dispense this out in other markets based on the recognition of this product. It is available at 77 US dollars and it does not require any type of safeguarding except for plumping it up. So what are you lonely ladies waiting for go ahead and own a Boyfriend Arm Pillow – Arm Pillow? Japanese are also planning to introduce a Girlfriend Arm Pillow in the near future for men.

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  1. Looks awesome, but would feel bad for the guy in the awkward position not laying flat lol.

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