Your Definition of Potential

Far too many times I hear this “…but it has potential”. Someone has an idea and right before starting anything, before even laying out a plan or thinking about any specifics, says to himself, “It’s just an idea now, but it has potential”. All these people usually are part of the same category; they have never yet developed something beyond the stage of ideas. The reason for this is simple, none of what they had thought of really had any potential.

Nothing has a potential without something serious
Something simply does not have any potential without clear specific details. Even the greatest idea will fail miserably if its future has not been thought of meticulously. If you have a product that you think will revolutionize the world by it’s practicality and ease of use, in your mind you might think that it has potential, because you are already seeing your ads running everywhere on the internet, and you are visualizing yourself persuading everyone to buy it and becoming rich. But how do you exactly plan to develop that potential? Do you know how you are going to market it, how much money is it going to take, how much it will cost? It’s just question after question that have not been thought of.

The potential must also mean being realistic
Of course everything starts with an idea, and I’m not saying that just because you don’t have everything thought of that your idea is worthless, but to say that something has potential just because it sounds good by the looks is giving hopes for no reason. Most ideas that are said to have potential don’t really have anything backed up to it, and when it comes time to unleash that potential and start developing the ideas, reality hits them in the face; there was no possible way to do it.

Something has potential when you already have estimations of everything. You need the idea as well as some extensive estimations, and only then you can call it potential. For example, let’s say you start a website and you have this great idea and you will catch everyone’s attention with it. You think that it’s great and that in some way you will be able to make money with it because no matter what, it has at least potential. The fact is that the potential might not even be there if you haven’t thought of how you’re going to advertise your idea, or how much attention your idea needs to start showing profits, or how much money you will spend to break even. Yet, some people still start their project with the basic and ONLY assumption of supposed potential, and then fail, then start again, then fail, and the cycle continues.
Most ideas that you think have potential are in reality just good or great ideas, nothing more, nothing less.

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