Supersized TV Remote Control

As we all know when there are children at home or otherwise we find that TV remote is misplaced and you are exhausted looking under the sofa on the chair and everywhere in the house but you could not find and finally you will have to do it manually and in case your channel number currently is 10 and you need channel no 110 you need to press the button manually 100 times, it is really horrible to even think about doing it.
So, here comes the Super-Sized TV Remote Control. Some of the best features of this Super Sized TV Remote Control are its size, it is really big in the sense of TV remotes. It measures approximately 5? x 11? x 1?, making it almost impossible for it to be misplaced. Apart from its size it is extremely easy to use and it features around 296 different codes and this allows it to work with almost all the major brands and the best feature is that it runs on just two AA batteries.

Supersized TV remote control


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