Do Not Ignore Technorati To Increase Blog Traffic

You may be maintaining a blog on your website – however, you need the Technorati search engine so you can take advantage of huge traffic volume and potential customers. Technorati is completely free and quite easy to use, which will make implementing it a stress-free experience.

This search engine was made specifically for use by bloggers. A blogger can use it to use pertinent keywords to tag blog posts. In turn, when someone looks for those keywords on the Internet, your content will crop up in the search results. Technorati allows you to maintain complete control over the location of your content on the website. To get the content indexed, there is a minimal waiting period.

The website should have three categories. Your first category is labeled Blog Posts which allows you to search for posts with the search term. The second is called Tags, so you can search for different posts which have been tagged with the search term. The last category is dubbed Blog Directory, so you can find individual blogs that have been tagged with the search term.

To start off, you have to sign up for a free account from the Technorati website. This does not take long and afterwards, you can submit all the posts of your own blog to Technorati. Eventually, other Technorati users might tag your blog as one of their favorites. That is the crucial step.

Getting people to provide links to your blog so you show up on their list of favorites will make your ranking go up. In turn, your site will pose higher traffic volume as well. There is so much free traffic out there just waiting to be contacted – you just need to boost your rankings.

When you add new blog posts, you should tag it via a special link. This allows Technorati to place your content into categories so that similar posts will have the same tag, the most recent being the first from the top. If an Internet user encodes the keyword phrase you used as post tag into the search box, the Technorati website will show your blog post in the results pages.

It is recommended to limit tags to 10 at the most, and use the smallest type of font as well as anchor text to save on space.

You should employ tags that are relevant to your post so that you do not post unrelated topics that no one is interested in anyway.

ou should also include the link that will allow people to add you to their Favorites list in your blog. You can locate it in the side bar of the blog and employ an image or anchor text to identify it. Your authority score will go up as more people list you on their Favorites list, and in turn your rankings go up too.

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  1. demonixx66 says:

    very helpful post I am looking into trying to gain traffic from Technorati. still waiting for my blog to be added to their search engine! almost a week so hopefully not to much longer.

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