A Better Way: The Lure And Pull Of The So-Called Passive Revenue

How come the rich not only get unbelievable incomes but also have the luxury of having all time in the world to enjoy their wealth while the many who have low incomes have less and less time for themselves to enjoy?

To the latter I say: Wake up and Think Hard Enough!

Upon analysis one realization should open your eyes: The proceeds of your labor are also determined by the type of revenue that make-up your livelihood. Let us take a closer look at what is referred to as type of revenue or income. One is temporary income which comes from payment given to you after doing the job. The second one is residual income. This is where you get paid as many times you accomplish the job even if the work is the same but is done another time.

So what do you earn? Temporary or residual in nature? Find out by answering the following questions:

*Do you get paid when you do not report to the office?
*Since you have a profession like a dentist or an architect, will anyone pay you if you do not give them service asked by your profession?
*You are a broker but will you earn commission if you do not sell a house or land?
*If you’re a newsstand owner or proprietor, will it earn enough if you do not attend to it personally?

What are your answers to the questions? If they are No, then your income is temporary. As the term implies, your income is good only insofar as you can deliver.

When you are unable to have enough time to every service asked of you then you do not earn. Your income relies on the many hours you work. To go back to the situation posed earlier, you do not only miss the opportunity to accumulate income but also miss the opportunity to take your luxury cruise!

So how does one change from merely receiving temporary income to receiving this ideal residual income? Here’s a handy tip: use the cost-efficient power of passive revenue. All you have to do now is use your time to its maximum and see to it that you get paid for every project you make.

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